merkur shaving mug gift set

A shaving mug gift set is truly worthy of inclusion here at Luxury Shaves. Using “the whole shebang”, a brush, shaving soap, and a mug to go along with the blade and strop is shaving at its finest. Additionally, they make great gifts for both the veteran and the novice shaver alike.

Generally, it is mostly aesthetic differences that will affect which mug you go for, but as you are looking for a gift set, not just the individual mug, you will need to consider the other set contents too. There are some truly stunning sets and some truly poor ones, so I’m going to do my best now to help you choose the right one. When it’s a gift you are buying, you need to make sure not to buy poor quality.

What A Good Shaving Mug Gift Set Should Include

You have to think about what the mug is going to be used for – working up a lather. To do that you’ll also need shaving soap and a brush, so at a minimum, any decent set should include them.

You might also consider the other needs of the person you are buying a gift for. Do they already own a decent razor? Could they benefit from one more? You don’t necessarily need to have a top-quality razor in order to enjoy using a brush and mug combination, but if you are going to go for a bit of luxury, you might as well go for it all.

You can find lots of information about straight razors and their advantages here if you don’t already know why they are loved so much by myself and many shaving enthusiasts worldwide.

Budgeting For Quality

Now, depending on your budget, you might not want to go for the ultimate shaving mug gift set, but you should definitely avoid buying something cheap and tacky. As mentioned earlier, you don’t want to risk buying poor quality and embarrassing yourself (and ultimately wasting your money).

You can find some very reasonable sets for $20-50 and there are always premium sets a lot higher than that. It’s worth giving Amazon a browse, but to save yourself some trouble I’ve included a few below at varying price points. If you see one you like, click through to learn more.

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set – $31.79

Merkur Shaving Set -$107.99

Marvy Shaving Gift Set – $23.03

For all other shaving-related products, check out our “products” section. Try heading over to the blog to learn more about luxury shaves and what we believe in.


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