A Relaxing Pastime, Satisfaction and Enjoyment

Like driving, washing up, or similar routine tasks, shaving with a straight razor can be very meditative. The concentration and focus required to perform a decent shave without cutting yourself mean that once you have become used to it, you will be able to “drift off” and ponder your troubles while starting your manly day.

The satisfaction with performing a clean shave every morning, coupled with the above meditative effects, means that you will soon start to regard shaving as an enjoyable pastime, something that you can look forward to, instead of a routine or chore that needs to be done every day.

Incidentally, a straight razor is so sharp that you will only need to shave every other day as well. Added bonus.

Getting Started

So let’s say I’ve convinced you to give it a try, congratulations, now where do you get started?

Most beginners wouldn’t want to just hop over to Amazon and buy the most expensive razor available, but they would also want to be sure to try a blade that is going to do their skin justice. You want to find a balance between cheap and ineffective, and overly expensive, at least in the trial stages.

Therefore, I suggest you visit my page on buying straight razors to learn more.

By the way, if you are thinking “Yes, but straight razors are more dangerous, easier to cut yourself with, and take longer to use” I would disagree entirely with you.

1. They are not more dangerous if you use them properly, practice first.

2. See the above.

3. They may take 5 or 10 minutes longer than your old razor, but you won’t need to shave every day.

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  1. I believe straight razor shaving does have psychological benefits. I feel the equivalent of a caffeine shot right after a straight razor shave every morning. It wake me up and I’m ready for the day.

  2. I have a Gillette throw away and have not changed in 6 months…I sharen a least 2 go three times a week …so what you are saying is misleading ..

  3. I agree with Kyle. I could make a cartridge razor last for two weeks, when I first started shaving at 18 or 19 yo. Then after a few years in the military I had to shave twice a day with cartridge razor in the morning and electric dry shave in the afternoon. I discovered straight razor shaving a few years ago and I’ve haven’t gone back to cartridges (only in the rare case when travelling without my razor or single blade safety razor). Now, with my straight razor, I am shaving every other day and it feels better.

  4. i bought a boker razor and a strop . I get a super clean smooth shave . I will no longer be a victim of disposable razor ripoff . Its actually fun and enjoyable now.


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