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Way back when there was the straight razor. It was a strip of thin, hardened steel, usually with a decorative handle, and it had to be sharpened frequently with a stone and then buffed with a leather strop to realign the edge. This was a dangerous blade and learning to shave with it took some skill. So, about the turn of the last century, the safety razor was invented. Then there comes the new breed and with that, we’ll discuss the best double edge razor for you.  

The safety razor was a huge advancement, as it featured a handle and a small head at a right angle. The head would hold the blade itself, with only the edge peeking through under a comb. Before long, the double-edged razor blade was invented, giving shavers twice as much mileage out of a single blade.

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What Is The Best Double Edge Razor?

So, now that we’ve discussed designs, what is the best double edge razor?

1. Parker99R

Parker 99R - Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety...
  • ELIMINATE RAZOR BURN and INGROWN HAIRS – Parker Safety Razors are designed to eliminate shaving bumps, irritation and...
  • HANDMADE with GENUINE BRASS - Every Parker Safety Razor is handmade with a Genuine Brass frame and then Electroplated...
  • WORLD FAMOUS QUALITY ENGINEERING – Parker Safety Razor has been manufacturing quality Shaving Products for over 45...

​Substantial and well-made, the Parker 99R is a closed straight bar razor that features a butterfly-style head and a heavy 3.4-ounce weight. Its chrome-plated knurled brass handle and head have a timeless, traditional look, making it a solid choice and a razor you will want to keep around for years to come.


  • Changing blades is simple and effortless
  • Features a Twist-to-Open (“Butterfly Open”) design for easy blade replacement


  • Recommended for advanced razor users. Beginners may find it challenging to use
  • A customer found the knurling to be primarily cosmetic and not give the control he expected. 

​2. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl

Edwin Jagger 3 Piece DE 89L Shaving Set - Chrome
  • PREMIUM GIFT SET – Treat that special man in your life to a gift that includes the essentials he will enjoy for a...
  • CLEAN SHAVE ESSENTIALS – Lather up for a clean shave when you have this shaving set on hand each day. Each precision...
  • AUTHENTIC BRUSH TECHNIQUES – The badger shaving brush will allow you to apply shaving cream to your face in smooth...

​Clean and pristine, with a chrome finish, this Edwin Jagger razor is a nice balance of size and weight. Its three-piece design is well-made and easy to clean, and its less aggressive shaving qualities make it a good pick for someone new to safety razors (or anyone with sensitive skin).


  • Great for both beginners and experienced wet shavers
  • Medium aggressive razor is good for all types of wet shavers
  • Excellent blade alignment


  • The grip and handle can be improved
  • A customer review stated that the bolt that holds the head and handle breaks off

​3. Merkur 38Hd

With its long handle and brilliant nickel-plated chrome, the Merkur looks like a safety razor your grandfather might have used decades ago. Its closed comb helps make it easy to shape and remove unwanted hairs from a beard, and its two-piece design is well-made and precise.


  • Durable and precise.
  • Compatible with inexpensive recyclable double edge razor blades
  • Gives the closest shave without multi-blade skin irritation


  • A customer recommended to simply shave normal when using this razor. Don’t try to adjust your technique just because this is a slant.

​4. Muhle R41

MÜHLE R41 TWIST Safety Shaving Razor - Open Comb Design for Wet...
  • ROBUST CHROME HANDLE: Losing your grip on your razor will not be an issue thanks to the textured metal,...
  • CLASSIC OPEN RAZOR: This classic safety razor head has an open tooth comb design developed to give the closest shave....
  • RECOMMENDED TECHNIQUE: For the cleanest shave, it is always recommended to keep the skin pulled taut and the blade...

Sleek and modern, the Merkur 38Hd is an aggressive razor that can handle the toughest beard with ease. With an open comb and three-piece design, it’s easy to clean and keep maintained, and it can deliver a barbershop shave on most beards with only one pass.


  • Features a double edged blade allowing for use on both sides to help extend blade life
  • The TWIST cap can be released by twisting the end knob at the bottom of the handle making blade changes easy and quick
  • Fine engraved detail handle
  • Features an open comb design for a more aggressive closer, smoother shave


  • A customer suggested not to use Muhle sample blade since it didn’t work well for him. However, feather blade was found to give much improved shaving experience.

​5. Merkur Progress 510

Merkur Progress Long Handle Adjustable Safety Razor
  • Long Handled version (105mm)
  • Made in Solingen Germany
  • Adjustable blade settings

​With a longer handle and adjustable feature, the Merkur Progress is a bit more innovative razor design. Its five settings can be controlled at the handle, from less aggressive to most aggressive (1 through 5). Many find the longer handle a little easier to manage, with better control and handling. This is one of the more aggressive double-edged razors around, and may not be a good choice for beginners or those switching over to a wet shave and safety razor.


  • Changing blades is simple and effortless
  • Features a Twist-to-Open (“Butterfly Open”) design for easy blade replacement


  • One customer review stated that the cap can be improved. He thinks the fact that the cap has to be situated a certain way is a tiny design flaw. 
  • Another minor thing that can be improved is the handle. A customer stated that the fact that the handle is not knurled could be a problem in a soapy environment.

​6. Seki Feather AS-D2

Japanese craftsmanship is on display with this beautiful razor from Seki. It’s fashioned from 316 surgical stainless steel, with chrome plating and a matte finish. It’s a three-piece razor with a heavy 3.2-ounce weight and is not an especially aggressive choice.


  • Features a design that provides excellent balance, comfort, and grip, essential for your enjoyment of shaving
  • Exquisite fit and finish


  • Expensive
  • No option to purchase the stand separately
  • Not for people requiring an aggressive shave or for thick, tough beards. 

Looking For The Best Double Edge Razor? 

It is available in four designs:

best double edge razor

  • The one-piece razor has no removable parts – just twist a knob and the two plates of the head separate, allowing you to insert or remove the blade. The main drawback of this design is that it’s difficult to clean thoroughly to remove stubble or shaving cream residue.
  • Two-piece razors have a cap that can be unscrewed and detached to insert or remove the blade. The head and handle are of a single piece, but the main disadvantage of this simple design is, again, difficulty in cleaning.
  • Three-piece safety razors have a separate handle, head and cap of the head and can be completely disassembled to clean or change blades.
  • Butterfly razors are a newer design, where the head’s cap opens like a butterfly flapping its wings. This is done with a twist of the handle, and is a one-piece design that’s easy to clean and built to last.

Switching Over To a Double Edge Razor 

best double edge razor

If you’re used to a disposable or another type of razor, it may take some getting used to. There’s a different technique involved and a different type of pressure, and many find it takes a while to “train” your beard for one. That being said, many men have found that a double edge razor can deliver a closer, smoother shave with less irritation – and of course, there are plenty of shaving products that go along with this switch, such as shaving soaps and accessories.

A lot of the allure of a double edge razor has to do with its traditional style and the rituals that go along with shaving and grooming with a wet-shave system. The best double edge razor is something you’ll want to hang onto forever and pass along to your kids, so we hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of the best double edge razors available today.

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