Bakblade 2.0 Body Shaver – Review

Our Bakblade 2.0 review will provide you with all the information you need to determine if this grooming product is right for your needs. During our Bakblade 2.0 review, you will find information on why the company designed this unit, who might be able to benefit from it, some of its top features or functions, lists of what we liked and disliked about the product, and some comments from customers who have already used the product. We’ll end our Bakblade 2.0 review with a short summary and an invitation to get in contact with us.

What Was The Bakblade 2.0 Body Shaver Designed For?

baKblade 2.0 PLUS - Back Shaver for Men (DIY), Ergonomic Handle, Shave...

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Our Bakblade 2.0 review starts with some basic information on how and why the company designed its back shaver. You may be able to use the details in this section as a quick guide on how to use the product or get the most out of it.

Once you’ve removed the Bakblade 2.0 from its pouch, you can use it to groom your back hair with just a few simple steps. Grip the Bakblade 2.0 by its handle and reach back until the dual shaving heads make contact with a hairy area on your back. Use long, even, slow strokes to shave the same way you would with your face. You can use the Bakblade 2.0 for a wet or dry shave as necessary. We recommend replacing the blades on the shaver after every ten shaves or so. You may need to replace your blades sooner or later depending on your situation.

The developers at Bakblade designed this product in such a way that you should not need any additional tools to get the grooming experience you need. After you use the ergonomic handle to remove any patches of back hair you do not want, you can detach the shaving heads to groom other areas of your body such as the chest or shoulders. All in all, you should receive a clean, smooth shave over all these areas.

Bakblade 2.0 Body Shaver Features/Functions

The next section of our Bakblade 2.0 review details some of the top features of the device. The second version of the Bakblade is almost a complete overhaul of its predecessor. Understanding what changed from one iteration to the next may help you decide if this Bakblade model is right for you. We will expand on some of the most important features of the new Bakblade 2.0 on our list below.

  • The Bakblade 2.0 has two shaving heads stacked over each other.
  • You can collapse the handle to make it easier to store or transport your Bakblade 2.0.
  • The handle is shorter than the one on the previous version of the Bakblade.
  • This model includes a shaving head attachment that you can remove if necessary.
  • The standard s-curve of the handle is more pronounced in this version. You may be able to use this extra curvature to get to places that are hard to reach.
  • You’ll get a small cleaning brush that you can attach to the underside of the main handle.
  • The second version of the Bakblade changes the color scheme from blue to black.
  • This model includes a suction cup for hanging it up when you’re done.

What You’ll Find In The Box

  • One Bakblade 2.0 handle unit.
  • A detachable brush tool.
  • Housing for a set of dual blades that you can detach for extra grooming.
  • A suction cup for wall mount.


DryGlide Technology

The company managed to incorporate DryGlide technology in its shaving heads. DryGlide seems to cut hair effortlessly without cutting into your skin accidentally. Therefore, many users appreciate that it takes care of back hair without a problem.

No Clogging

During our Bakblade 2.0 review, we noticed that hair would just drop away from the blade cartridges when we cut it. This means hair does not clog the blades. You can spend more time grooming and less time trying to maintain your Bakblade unit.

Redesigned Handle

The new handle shape on the Bakblade 2.0 is more ergonomic than that of its predecessor. This makes shaving your back easier than ever. This time, the handle seems to be able to fit the contours of your hand for a more comfortable experience overall.

No Wiggle Room

Some back shavers can wiggle from one side to the other at the point where the shaving head pivots. A head that wiggles can cause problems during shaving if you are relying on it to take care of areas that are hard to reach or see. We found the head on the Bakblade 2.0 to be stable with no detectable wiggle when we tested it.


No Bakblade 2.0 review would be complete without discussing a couple of aspects we think the Bakblade company could improve for their device.

Short Handle

While we like that the handle for this version of the Bakblade is more ergonomic than it was in the past, it is also shorter than previous versions. This may present a problem for some users who already have trouble reaching some areas of their backs. However, the developers claim that another redesign with a longer handle is in the making as we speak.


During the testing phase of our Bakblade 2.0 review, we found that this model is about twice as heavy as its predecessor. Some users may find this version a bit unwieldy because of this.

What Are Users Saying?

Most users seem to appreciate just how effective the Bakblade 2.0 is at removing hair from places that can be hard to reach. Some users note that they have quite a bit of hair on their backs. On the other hand, the new Bakblade is capable of removing all that hair and leaving only a smooth surface in its place.

We like that this product can deliver even if you are dealing with a lot of back hair. Several users like that this product provides a safe way for them to take care of their back hair.

On another note, some users may have issues with bumps or areas of the skin that are prone to cutting. In rare cases, the Bakblade 2.0 could cut some areas of the back if it presented with skin particularities such as moles or skin tags on it.


The Bakblade 2.0 provides an effective way for you to take care of your back grooming needs without dealing with creams, gels, extra tools or maintenance hassles. Please share your thoughts on our Bakblade 2.0 review and the product itself in the comments section below.

baKblade 2.0 PLUS - Back Shaver for Men (DIY), Ergonomic Handle, Shave...
  • Bakblade 2.0 DIY back & body shaver is specifically designed to swiftly shave your back and body hair in just minutes...
  • Patented Dryglide safety blade technology offers simplest and smoothest shave; Specifically designed and engineered to...
  • Ergonomic handle allows you to reach all your hard-to-reach areas

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