an adjustable safety razor

With so many razors on the market today, it’s hard to choose which razor best fits your beard and skin type. Disposable razors are an inexpensive and quick fix. They’re great if you forgot your razor on vacation, but not necessarily good for long term. Therefore, investing in a durable, adjustable safety razor would be beneficial for the long haul. Here are some of the best adjustable safety razors, categorized by price, from the highest to the lowest one.

Our Top Picks


#1. Feather Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor AS-D2S

Jatai Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor with Stainless Steel Stand, Extra Blade

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This adjustable safety razor will provide the most comfortable shave of your life. It weighs only 90 grams. The Feather AS-D2S is made in Japan. You can determine its high-quality level right from the moment you open the box. A flat comb, which comes as an accessory, guards the blade. What makes this razor popular among men is its handle texture which offers a nice grip.

This is definitely a luxury product. It comes in a fancy burgundy case. On top of that, you can opt for your favorite color from a combination of blade shades. Therefore, the price meets the quality. This razor costs more than $200.

#2. Rockwell 6C Razor

a Rockwell safety razor

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Featured in several magazines, the Rockwell 6s is a razor built with strength and beauty. The Rockwell is made of stainless steel and is able to survive the accidental drops on the floor. It provides a clean, close, and comfortable shave.

This particular razor is able to adjust to different beards and skin types with its unique flippable blade system. Even though the name isn’t as popular as the Merkur and Gillette, this is definitely a razor to check into. It’s cheaper to purchase the Rockwell 6s with cartridges. The total cost is approximately $100 or more.

#3. WEISHI Nostalgic Razor


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A razor that is as old as time. First designed in the 1950’s, the WEISHI Nostalgic Razor is the most sought after razor on the market. The durable and strong built make Fatboy razors a rare find. Don’t pass one down if you find an old original one. You can easily clean the razor with baking soda.

One can consider the NEISHI to be a butterfly razor. Meaning, the razor head opens in the center, making it easier to change the razor blades. The razor provides an aggressive shave. A few nicks and cuts are possible with this adjustable safety razor. Back in the day, the NEISHI cost $1.95. Today, you can expect to pay $100 or more.

#4. Merkur Progress Razor

a Merkur progress safety razor

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This razor is the most popular and is easily accessible. The Merkur Progress razor is lightweight with a tough built that conveys confidence. This adjustable safety razor has a wider, 3-inch handle and rubber grip. This makes it easy to use in the shower.

The rubber grip makes changing the settings during shaving a breeze especially from shaving the face to the neck area. It’s very important to follow the guidelines on the razor when replacing the blades. This well-crafted design costs approximately $70.

#5. MUHLE R41 Razor

a shiny Muhle safety razor

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People consider the Muhle R41 to be the beast of razors (newbies beware). It’s lighter than the Progress, weighing 2.3 ounces. The textured design is great for gripping. Its double edge is designed for aggressive beards. This elegant razor is perfect if you demand quality and its price is $60.

#6. Merkur Futur Razora Merkur futur adjustable safety razor

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The sleek and gorgeous Merkur Futur razor is one of the shavers’ favorite tools. It is the only razor with an adjustable head. A twist of the handle lets you set your adjustable safety razor comfortably. This is a razor with a little more weight than the others. It’s easy to hold and has a moderate length – 4 inches. It is perfect for any sized hands.

If you like to shave regularly or go without for several weeks, this unique, adjustable safety razor is perfect. End with a clean shave using the Futur. It’s ideal if you have skin break-outs or irritation. It’s also useful for those hard to reach areas. This remarkable design usually costs around $58.

#7. Chieftain Safety Razor by Vikings Bladethe Chieftain razor by Vikings Blade

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The manufacturer of this adjustable safety razor has a history of over 30 years in the shaving industry. It is a high-quality product, just like all the other items created by the Vikings Blade. The razor comes with a lifetime warranty. Although this is a premium product created to last, it is not an expensive one that all men can afford.

Chieftain is great for sensitive skin. Still, it has a smaller handle which can be a disadvantage for those of you who have larger hands. You can buy this product on Amazon, at the price of around $37.

#8. Chieftain Safety Razor by Vikings Blade

an Edwin Jagger shaving set

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The Edwin Jagger razor is another great shaving tool, also being less expensive compared to many other blades. It is a great choice for men with sensitive skin. As a result, if you are prone to cuts and irritations, this razor is the right one for you.

The body of the razor is well-built and well-balanced. With this razor, you will achieve a close-to-skin and clean shave. Most men simply love its chrome-plated finish.

Shaving with the DE89LBL model will help you get rid of ingrown hairs. It will also help you save money because this is a durable and sturdy razor. You can purchase it on Amazon, for around $31.

Putting It All Together

All in all, these adjustable safety razors are the best when it comes to price and durability. Most of them are affordable and they are all well-designed and durable. For any new user, practice is key. Stay on one setting until your comfortable enough to advance to the next level.