Beginner’s Full Set


Even beginner’s deserve Luxury

Learn how to shave AND hone at the same time

What is great about this set, apart from the price, is that it includes a honing stone as well. This 6 piece set actually has everything a person could ever need to shave for life. Practicing makes perfect, and this set is perfect for practicing.

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Information/Contents at a glance:

  • Specifically designed for beginners
  • Cow Hide Leather Strop
  • Stainless Steel Razor (not shave ready)
  • 8″ honing stone
  • Strop paste
  • Strop brush
  • Shaving soap
My Thoughts: I think Haryali Fashion has produced a great little set for beginners here and priced it very reasonably. If you have experience shaving/honing then you will probably want to purchase something a little more upmarket, but you will certainly get a decent shave out of this. I would recommend you move on to something better once you have got the hang of it though.

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