how to straight razor shave

If you are interested in switching to a straight razor, great! But you will definitely want to do some research into how to straight razor shave. There’s no point in buying a new razor, only to realize that it is not for you.

Fortunately, apart from a different technique, there isn’t a great deal that you need to learn about shaving with a straight razor, and what you do need to know is mostly good.

If you take the time to learn the technique as described below and practice a few times first, you will soon be enjoying a new and improved shaving experience that you will never want to change again.

Are Straight Razors Safe?

Or what you really want to know is, are they dangerous? Well, there’s no denying that a naked blade against your neck is potentially very dangerous, but if used correctly (and it is not a difficult thing to do) then they are no more dangerous than any other household tool.

A well-maintained razor (kept sharp and free of imperfections) will glide across your skin and unless you are particularly careless, there will be no cause for concern.

Does Shaving Take Longer With A Straight Razor?

Yes and no. You will have to shave more carefully and do a bit of preparation when using a straight, such as stropping the blade, warming up your skin, etc (see below), but as a result of a higher quality shave, you will need to shave far less frequently, so in a given week you will probably spend a similar amount of time on shaving as you would with a more standard razor.

I would not advise shaving when you are in a rush though.

So, let’s get down to it

How To Straight Razor Shave

I’m going to split the process into stages.

Stropping the blade will probably only take you 30 seconds once you have got some good practice in, and only a few minutes of soaking a hot towel on your face will be needed for beard prep, so you should be spending less than 5 minutes altogether on this stage.

Using a brush is more efficient (you don’t waste any cream) and more enjoyable, as well as being able to make sure you reach all areas evenly.

You will be making three passes in total. Lather up between passes.

One final pass to go, lather up again!

After that is done, use cold water to rinse off the remaining lather (cold water helps close the pores).

Some people will also strop the blade again, but others feel it is not necessary. For me stropping before the shave is enough, but it is really up to you.

Now Time For Some Additional Tips:

It will take patience and practice. If you are completely new, you might want to practice on balloons first (black ones are best to make sure you can see all the cream).

  • Don’t be afraid to cut yourself a few times while you learn the ropes.
  • Be patient, don’t shave in a rush.
  • Don’t skip stages or try to avoid stropping. You want to enjoy this shave. This is a luxury shave. Treat it accordingly.

That’s about all there is on this. If you have any further questions or want to throw in your own suggestions then do post a comment below.

Now go and enjoy being a man.


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