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You can find some amazing vintage straight razors for sale on various hubs around the Internet, but before you start looking, let me give you some advice.

Do your due diligence!

Buying vintage razors will 90% of the time involve a person-to-person sale. You won’t be buying from a big company like amazon that automates everything and is guaranteed to be trustworthy, so you have to be careful and make sure you don’t buy junk. I’ll give you some tips below that should help you know whether you are buying true quality or true junk.

Don’t be put off though, there are some amazing deals out there.

Vintage Straight Razors For Sale On Amazon

The first place you are likely to look is Amazon. If you have a quick search for vintage straight razors there, you’ll find a large variety in prices. This is always the case on auction sites. Many people don’t know the real value of their goods.

Don’t automatically assume that the more expensive razors are of better quality, or that the cheaper ones might be more of a bargain. It’s best to do the following:

  • Check out the photographs to see if you can make out any discrepancies. Additionally, is there any part of the razor that is being hidden?
  • Read the description thoroughly, do you feel that adequate information has been given?
  • Are you dealing with a reputable brand? Is this a cheap knock-off? (You can always Google to find out more on the brand in question, or come back here and post a question below)
  • Does the seller have a good history/rating?

When you are inspecting blades, some things, such as marks, scratches, or chips on handles might not matter. Other things, like loose bolts, imperfections on the blade, or even worse, nicks and chips on the edge, are going to prove more of a problem.

If you are at all unsure, don’t bid. Equally, never bid beyond your budget. There will always be something more suitable that comes along if you are patient.

Recommended brand to look out for Dubl Duck.

Buying From Other Sites

Many websites have classified sections where users can buy and sell their old razors. You can find some great bargains here too, and often the seller will even hone it for you first.

The advantage of using sites like these is that they are straight razor communities, so you know that you are dealing with enthusiasts, and not likely to be buying junk, as the community will take scams very seriously and will have a good knowledge of their trade.

The disadvantage is that often the better blades can be overpriced or highly sought-after, so you might struggle to find something in your budget, or simply might struggle to get bids in time.

Additionally, enthusiasts often only sell the top-of-the-range blades, so somebody looking for something more middle to the low end of the market might find themselves better suited to amazon.

Often though, both market places are frequented by the same people, so in some cases, it doesn’t matter where you go. It’s probably best for you to search in both locations, do your due diligence based on the tips I have given above, and make sure you bid with confidence.

If you have any experiences with either amazon SRP, or you have some questions of your own, feel free to post them below.

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  1. What’s the appeal of having a vintage straight razor? I would think a newer one would be more efficient and get a better shave, but then again, it might be the ol’ “They don’t make ’em like they used to” philosophy. I imagine an old blade can be sharpened up pretty nicely, not sure how the grip would withstand decades of bathroom use. Still, old stuff can be pretty manly 🙂

    • There are quite a few hobbyists who swear by the vintage razors in the “they don’t make them like they used to” trend like you say. On top of that, many razors just aren’t made anymore, which leaves fewer options. Some people love collecting vintage razors too. I think one new and one vintage makes a great combination personally.

  2. Great advice, Dom. Let’s face it, most of us have little to no experience with straight razors, so advice that helps us buy the right one (from the right retailer) is very valuable. Like I’ve said in the past, there will come a day when my electricity goes out, and this information will be worth its weight in…uh….steel? 🙂


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