shave ready razor

The Shave Ready Razor – Worth Buying?

It's very hard to find a "shave ready" razor that really lives up to expectations. Be very careful when choosing one online. Most of them are trash.

Prevent Razor Burn With These Simple Steps

Preventing razor burn is so simple! Just follow these steps

How To Use A Cut Throat Razor

If you want to learn how to use a straight razor without it becoming a "cut throat" affair, read on!

Stop Shaving Cuts Bleeding

Of course, it's always best to learn how to shave in the first place, and avoid cutting yourself by concentrating, shaving without distraction, and keeping your blade in good condition. If all else fails, use one of these.

Cut Throat Razors Still “Cut It”

Cut throat razors still deserve a place in every man (and woman)'s bathroom. Read more to find out why.