giesen and forsthoff timorWhen it comes to finding the best rated straight razors, you need to take a lot into consideration. What’s your budget? what’s your level? What’s your purpose?

There’s no point heading to buy the top of the range, ultimate quality razors, if you are a beginner or just curious to see what it is like. That doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself short and go for a cheap brand that will cut your face to pieces though.

For this post, I’m going to provide the best rated straight razors, and split them into categories. Scroll down to find the most appropriate section for you, or read them all and then decide.


Best Budget Razor.

  • Solingen Steel
  • Wallet Friendly

Dovo Classic

Best Bang For Buck.

  •  Solingen Steel
  • Well Made
  • Closest Shave

Feather SS

Second Best.

  • Japanese Steel
  • Stylish
  • Easy

Best Rated Straight Razors For Beginners

Without a doubt, the number one would be a Dovo Best 5/8 or 6/8. These are production made, are new, and come from a very well respected company. They are relatively inexpensive too, which is a big plus. They will not come shave ready though, so make sure you Google to find a razor honing service in your local area. It shouldn’t cost you more than $20-30. Another popular razor for beginners is the Fromm. I’ve reviewed Fromm before and they are great value, as well as providing good quality and longevity. This is something you’d want to look for as a beginner. Once again, you’ll need to get it honed professionally. View On Amazon:

Best Rated Straight Razors For The More Advanced

This is where things usually get a bit more tricky. If you hunt around in the forums on straightrazorplace, you’ll find fans of so many razors, it would be difficult to name just one or two. Therefore, I’m adding in another criterium for selection, availability. Based on this, Dubl Duck and Dovo Master’s come out on top. Amazon has quite a few of them. If I did my review based on things available on eBay or SRP, I’d have to update it every week as listings changed, so I’m going for the safe option in Amazon. Don’t worry though, quality is still guaranteed. The Dovo Master’s is like the big brother to the Dovo Best, and the Dubl Duck is one of the finest blades around in terms of quality and beauty. check them out now:

 Best Value Razors

While the ones I’ve mentioned so far today are all good value, sometimes you can find ones that are excellent value in terms of the quality you get for the price you pay. Giesen & Forsthoff is one such example, providing a truly excellent blade for a very attractive price. Based on how low the price is, Fromm makes another appearance here. It is not far behind the higher end razors in terms of quality, but is available for almost half the price. Very nice.

Our Top Straight Razor Pick: Dovo Classic

Out of all the straight razors on this page, our favorite is the Dovo Classic. It provides a very close shave, is high quality, will last a lifetime, and is excellent for beginners. It's a truly 5-star blade.


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