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Barbers in Europe have been using Astra razor blades for decades now. It’s only recently that American wet shavers have started to test out these Russian-manufactured blades. The customer reviews for these blades on the Internet are overwhelmingly positive, but are they right for you?

In this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons of Astra’s popular line of platinum double edge razor models. By the end of this piece, you should have a good sense of whether or not the razor blades by Astra are right for your shaving routine.

Astra’s History 

The company Astra originated in the Communist Czech Republic, but shaving giant Gillette bought it up in the late 1990s. Gillette still owns this company, and they moved its main manufacturing plant to Russia to save costs.

Today, you can easily pick up razor blades by Astra anywhere online and sometimes even in your local grocery store. They come at a great price, and you can likely find a deal online with free shipping as well. If you don’t want to commit to straight razors, the Astra platinum double edge razor might be a great fit for you.

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Features of Astra Razor Blades

The full name of these stainless steel blades online is “Astra Superior Premium Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades.” As the name says, all of these blades have a platinum coating that protects your skin. Made in Russia, these blades can easily fit inside numerous different brands of safety razors. 

A few safety razors Astra recommends people use with its blades include Gillette, Merkur, and Parker. However, you can find other razors that are a perfect fit as well. You can purchase a 100-pack of individually wrapped Astra superior platinum double edge razor blades for a great price on most online retailers’ websites. As stated previously, you can also sometimes find them with free shipping.

Pros of Astra Superior Platinum Blades

Before making any purchases, it is crucial that you examine the advantages the product offers. Those that shy away from straight razors may like platinum double razors, but you will have to decide for yourself if it is right for you.

The Astra platinum double edge razor blades have several advantages to consider. They are cheap and versatile, and they are sharper than a cartridge razor. They are not as sharp as straight razors, but some people prefer that because it is safer.

Slightly Sharper

Numerous people who’ve reviewed the razor blades by Astra say that they strike a great balance between sharpness and smoothness. Shaver often compares and contrasts Astra with the American company Personna. The major difference between these two companies’ blades is that Astra tends to be a bit sharper. If you’re looking for just a touch more sharpness in your shaving routine, you should definitely try out these platinum double edge razor blades.


At only a matter of cents per blade, Astra is one of the cheapest double edge blades on the market. These blades are actually around the same price as Personna Double Edge razor blades, but Astra offers superior sharpness. Generally, superior platinum razor blades cost more money, but it’s even better if you can get them for a great price.


Anyone looking to save some time on their daily shaving routine should try these double edge blades right after a shower. If you take the time to really lubricate your face with a high-quality lather, you can easily finish your daily shave in only two passes. Surprisingly, this offers a clean and close shave. The sharpness of the blades by Astra makes it easier to get a closer cut even with gentle pressure. This allows you a great shave without the skill needed to wield straight razors.

Cons of Astra Superior Platinum Blades

Even the best products have disadvantages, and the Astra platinum double edge razor blades are not any different. Just like the fact that not everyone is ready to try straight razors, not everyone is ready to use safety razors either. In order to ensure you purchase the best razor blades, you should consider the disadvantages as well. 

These disadvantages may not be a deal breaker for some, but others may find themselves reconsidering getting superior platinum blades.

Not For Beginners

These blades aren’t great for anyone just starting out on their wet shaving journey. The main reason you shouldn’t start off with Astra razor blades is that they have a good amount of sharpness. While they aren’t as dangerous as Feather’s razor blades, Astra’s blades are definitely sharper than Personna and Derby’s blades. You should have a solid wet shaving technique down before picking up a pair of these platinum double-edge blades. If you don’t, you may find yourself with more nicks than expected.

Not Very Smooth

Somewhat related to the last point, anyone looking for a smooth shave might be disappointed using Astra razor blades. These platinum double blades offer a great, sharp shave with some protection, but not as much protection as other brands. Anyone looking for a smoother and safer shave would be better off purchasing brands like Personna or Derby. Once again, these superior platinum blades are perfect for those with skill, but they can be difficult to use for beginners.

Not For Sensitive Skin

Men who are prone to razor burn might have a difficult time adjusting to these platinum double razors. Although there is a protective coating on these blades, they won’t give you the same degree of protection as other blades. They can still irritate the skin with a protective coating, especially if you have extremely sensitive skin. 

Men with extremely sensitive skin can still use Astra razor blades effectively, but they will have to lather their face up extremely well before they shave.

Quick To Wear Out

There are a few complaints online that Astra superior platinum blades don’t last a long time, especially if you don’t shave every day. People who shave every morning will most likely get three good shaves out of an individual Astra blade. If you wait a few days and your facial hair is thicker than average, you might only get one or two days out of this product. Not every customer has this particular problem with Astras, but you should know that this is a common complaint in negative reviews of this product. If you don’t have particularly thick facial hair, you likely won’t have any problems.

Longevity of Astra Superior Platinum Blades

The longevity of your platinum double razors depends on how frequently you use them. If you shave every single day, you’ll probably get at least three solid days out of one Astra blade. However, thick hair that has gone several days without shaving will shorten the life of each blade. This may knock the longevity down to two shaves per blade.

Sharpness of Astra Superior Platinum Blades

As mentioned above, most reviewers say the Astra razor blades have a touch more sharpness than smoothness. While the Astra blades won’t be as sharp as a Feather blade, they are a bit sharper than Personna and Derby blades. If you haven’t tried any of these razors, you will be better off starting with smoother blades first.

What Sets Astra Razor Blades Apart

The main difference between Astra and other platinum double razor blade companies is the company’s commitment to sharpness without sacrificing comfort. These superior platinum blades are very sharp, but they still have a relatively good amount of smoothness. Men with thicker facial hair that don’t feel comfortable shaving with Feather blades will enjoy Astra razor blades.

Reviews And Ratings

The majority of reviews online for Astra blades are positive. There are well over 5,000 reviews on Amazon, and the Astra blades scored an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars. Overall, these platinum double edge blades are a great product.

However, there are some more recent reviews that claim Astra’s quality is not what it used to be. Be sure to check out the reviews for yourself before you form an opinion.

Availability And Price

You can purchase Astra razor blades on any major online retailer. The average price is pretty cheap, and it comes in a pack of 100 blades. Amazon tends to keep these razors in stock, and you might score free shipping while you’re at it!

Should You Buy Astra Blades?

There are a ton of reasons you should seriously consider adding Astra razor blades to your wet shave routine. These platinum double edge blades are some of the sharpest on the market, but they still have a platinum coating to provide a bit of smoothness. Men with coarse facial hair will definitely benefit from using these blades. 

Also, the price for these superior-quality blades is ridiculously low. The only major con of Astra’s superior platinum blades is that they require a certain amount of expertise with safety razor shaving. You should have at least an intermediate knowledge of wet shaving before picking up these blades. If you feel like the Astra superior platinum blades are a product that would benefit you, definitely order a few pairs online and give them a try.

Have you tried Astra platinum double edge razor blades before? Tell us what you think of them in the comments section.

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