Here at Luxury Shaves, the aim is to provide you with everything you need to get the best shaving experience possible.

One thing you won’t find here – information about “cartridge” razors. We believe that the best shave comes from a straight razor, and we can stretch as far as a safety razor. Modern razors are made to take your money and keep you buying new blades.

It doesn’t matter whether your Mach 3 has 3 blades or 6, it will never be true “luxury”.


Learn About Straight Razors

There are a lot of different razors out there, and the straights are the classics, the OG of the shaving world.

These razors actually provide an incredible shave and are growing in popularity today. From Dovo to Feather SS, we’ve got you covered with some reviews and various other articles.

You can check out all posts related to cut throat razors here, or to learn more about what makes a good straight razor, read this article talking about that very subject.

What About Safety Razors?


While we’ll always prefer a straight razor to a safety, there are some advantages. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, or a smaller budget, safety razors can come in handy. Additionally, the best safety razors really make good travelling companions if you don’t want to lose your straight, or don’t have time to do a full shave.

A safety razor is still going to blow a modern cartridge shave out of the water, so for that alone they get a thumbs up from us!

There’s a great article here on safety razors vs straight razors.

Do Straight Razors Need Honing?

Yep! If you buy a razor “shave-ready” these days it basically means it’s junk. A good razor needs honing, either by a professional or by yourself. I suggest you send it off to be honed by a professional the first time you buy it, and then learn how to do so later.

There are also some great shaving kits you can buy that come with hones and strops. A strop isn’t enough to get a razor “shave ready” though, but it will help you maintain the edge once it’s been adequately honed.


There’s a useful article here about how to hone a blade.

Is Shaving Different With A Straight?

Yes it is, most people like to practice what is known as the three-pass shave.

The trick to learning how to shave with a straight razor is practice! A classic technique is to shave a balloon. Once you can get it done without popping it, then you’re ready to try on your face.

A naked blade against your neck is no laughing matter (Seriously, don’t laugh while you shave!) and you ought to do your best to get it right.

Just remember, practice really does make perfect.

Electric Shavers

Since the start of this website, we’ve been asked on an increasingly frequent basis about the best electric shavers, so we’ve decided to add electrics to the blog, and you can follow the link above to learn more.

We also cover the best beard trimmers.

Anything Else?

If there’s anything else you’d like us to cover, then head over to the contact page, or leave a comment on the most relevant article!