Wet shaving products

Look into a man’s bathroom, and you can learn a lot about him by looking at what he shaves with. Those shaving sets show class and sophistication much more than your average cartridge razors.

The question remains, though, as to how to know to pick the right supplies? How do you build a wet shaving kit?

Read through this guide for ideas on how to choose the best wet shaving products for your kit.

Choosing The Razor

You definitely want to make sure you select the right razor. You have plenty of different choices out on the market today that include safety razors, cartridge razors, as well as traditional straight razors.

Safety razors are wonderful choices for beginners, but someone who is more advanced in shaving would likely do well with a straight razor, too.

Cartridge razors have drawbacks when compared to a straight razor or a safety razor like more skin irritation with a multi-blade cartridge razor than what you would experience with a double edge or DE safety razor. Straight razors also cause less irritation when used properly.

You need to decide on which razor is going to be best for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-cost options out there for you to try each type and find the one that works best for your hair and skin. Find inexpensive DE razors on Amazon that are high quality, so you don’t feel like you’re making too much of an investment up front.

All About The Brush


There are several different brushes that are available for your shaving kit. They include badger hair brushes, boar hair brushes, and horse hair brushes. You also have the option for synthetic brushes, too.

Each different brush has different characteristics that you’ll want to pay attention to. Some brushes hold more water than others, while other brushes have a stiffer bristle.

As an example, badger brushes are extremely soft and feel like silk on your skin. Boar hair bristles are a lot rougher but are perfect to get the hairs to stand up straighter to cut smoother.

Synthetic bristles tend to also be very absorbent, so you won’t need to have much soap or cream to work up a good lather.

Badger hair brushes tend to be the most expensive, followed by boar and horse hair brushes, with synthetic rounding out the bottom of the pricing gap.

Deciding on a Bowl, Mug, or Scuttle

 wet shaving kit

While you don’t necessarily need to have a bowl, mug, or scuttle, having one is useful and adds an air of class to your wet shaving kit.

When it comes to wet shaving products, picking the right one depends on what you want out of your bowl or mug. Wood and metal won’t break, but wood can warp if not taken care of properly.

Porcelain and ceramic, on the other hand, retain heat very well but are more fragile. Porcelain breaks very easily if dropped while ceramic can chip, too.

Other things to think about in selecting your lather holder include whether or not you want your lather to be warm the entire time or if you’re okay with it being cold. Scuttles hold on to heat best because of the compartment used for hot water below the shaving cream.

Complete Your Kit With a Holder

You may also want a holder depending on your choice of supplies. If you get a classic shave bowl, DE razor, and badger hair brush, the holder can add an element of sophistication.

On the other hand, if you prefer something like a commercially made shaving cream or aerosol gel, then a holder may not be part of what your shaving regimen requires.

The Stuff That Goes on Your Face

use Shaving Brushes

There are different lathering products that are available. You have shaving creams, soaps, gels, and even lotions if you so choose. Whatever you do, don’t skip the lather, because it is crucial in protecting your skin when you start shaving.

If you don’t have sensitive skin, it doesn’t matter so much what you use. If you do have sensitive skin, look for products with aloe that are also made with natural ingredients for a less likely chance of irritation afterward.

Don’t skimp out on the aftershave. It isn’t unusual to forget about using an aftershave, but this is one wet shaving product you don’t want to forget about. It will make your skin feel better after a shave as long as you use the right one. Stay away from alcohol as that can thoroughly make your skin burn after shaving.

Regardless of whether or not you build your own kit or go forward and pick a kit that is already pre-designed, don’t forget to research reviews to choose your wet shaving products as you need to.


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