Looking for a straight razors sale? Look no further, here at LuxuryShaves the sale is always on!

Ok, cheesy sales blurb aside, let’s elaborate a little. Luxury Shaves doesn’t actually own its own inventory, so it’s not technically us that is having the sale.

What we DO have is knowledge of the best, cheapest places to buy online, and the willingness to keep this site constantly up to date.

Therefore, this site is permanently acting as a sale and finding the best deals. That means the whole world is your store, and we are going to be your guide.

Find Out Your Needs

So what’ll it be today sir? Are you looking for a beginner blade, a vintage blade, a second-hander, or something with a little extra shine? Once you know what type of razor you’re after, heading in the right direction to buy it will be easy.

To help you choose, here are our buyer’s tips:

First-time buyers, people buying gifts for others, and those looking to practice should buy a beginner’s blade or a second-hand blade. There’s no point breaking the bank until you’ve got the hang of straight shaving and decided it is definitely for you.

However, you can’t just go buying the cheapest blade available, as it won’t give you a good representation of the luxury and comfort you can experience. Plus really cheap blades will just shred your skin.

Head over to the following pages to find some great beginner blades:

Beginner’s Razor Set

Fromm 5/6 Razor

Dovo Best Quality

If you are more into your collectibles, want to buy something decent on a budget, or don’t mind something second-hand, a vintage blade could be your best bet. You will need to make sure you don’t end up buying something terrible, but eBay is a great place to start your search.

Here is the section on vintage eBay blades. Make sure you check carefully any blades you see and ask about imperfections and nicks.

Finally, for the lovers of quality or the more experienced shaver looking to take a step up in luxury, I highly recommend DublDuck, Dovo master’s, or any of the top quality blades listed on our site. You can check out eBay too, there are often some hidden gems on there that are just one decent honing away from perfection.

Special Offers

From time to time we come across great specials and will list them here. Still, the most consistent place to go for buyers on a budget would be eBay, you really can find good quality there for significantly smaller costs.

Again, we do not recommend buying a cheap, unknown brand. This is the face we are talking about!


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