Straight razors can look intimidating to guys who’ve never used them before. They should be since without proper usage you could hurt yourself. However, you shouldn’t be so frightened that you never give it a try.

People who try straight razors for the first time tend to stick with them. They offer the closest possible shave, but they don’t work well for a “quick” shave. If you’re in a hurry, set the straight razor to the side.

If you want to get started with a straight razor and a better shave, you should invest in a straight razor kit that gives you all the tools you need to get started. Here are some tips on using a straight razor for the first time and on picking the right one for your shaving needs.

What’s in a Straight Razor Kit?

Straight Razor

Your straight razor kit will come with a few goodies that will help you get a good shave. Not all kits come with the same things, but there are a few things you can expect, aside from a straight razor itself.

You can usually expect a kit to come with some shaving soap and a brush to use for applying it, a strop (which is the device you use to sharpen your razor), and possibly a booklet with some tips for shaving and caring for your straight razor.

Some kits will also include other care items for your straight razor, like sharpening paste. They may also include other shaving items like after-shave. The basic idea of the straight razor kit is to give you the basics you need for a clean shave.​​How to Use a Single Blade Razor for a Clean Shave

Best Straight Razor Kit to Invest In

Shaving Kit

If you’re ready to go straight to a straight razor, here are four kits to consider trying. Each of them offers something different.

Look for a kit that comes “shave ready.” Once you’ve gained experience with the straight razor buying a vintage razor will be more plausible. Beginners should consider using a razor with a 5/8 inch width.

The Shave Network

~Shave Ready~ Shaving Straight Razor 6/8" GD w/Box 208 Gold Dollar...
  • ✔️ Best Straight Razor Set Value - Shave Ready Out of the Box
  • ✔️ Shave Ready out of the box. Professionally Hand Sharpened
  • ✔️ Free Lifetime Sharpening - You Only Pay Shipping

Offering a seven-piece kit to get you started, this starter kit comes with a Gold Dollar razor and is one of the best kits you’ll find at under $100. This kit comes with a beginner’s guide, a straight razor, shave soap, a shave brush, and a strop for keeping your blade sharp. On top of that, they offer lifetime blade sharpening.

Colonel Conk

Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set with Santa Fe Bowl
  • 6/8" Carbon Steel Straight Razor with Black Acrylic Handle. Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Santa Fe Bowl, 3 1/4" in diameter, 1 5/8" deep. Handcrafted in the USA
  • Col Conk Natural Pre-Shave Oil, 2oz., clean essential oils, no fragrance added. Made in the USA

If you want a kit that comes with nearly everything you could need to recreate a professional shave right at home, this kit has it. This kit might have a $200+ price tag, but it’s worth every penny. Within you’ll find a straight razor, a bowl for easy use of your shave cream (and some shaving cream), a shave brush, a styptic pencil (in case you nick yourself), a strop, a stand that holds both your brush and razor, pre-shave oil, and after-shave lotion.


5 Pc Straight Razor Starter Shaving Set by ZEVA
  • 5 '8"High Carbon steel straight razor BY ZEVA
  • 6" BY 1.5"Straight Razor sharpening hone stone
  • Leather Strop Strap 17"

Zeva’s five-piece starter kit might not have as many goodies in it, but it offers you the basics of what you need to get a good shave. This Zeva kit offers another low-cost collection. It includes a well-made steel razor, a leather strop and a sharpening hone stone, a shaving brush and a bowl for it. You’ll want to use your favorite shaving soap or cream inside that handy dish.


Parker SR1 Men’s Shave Set – Pure Badger Brush, Shave Stand, Razor...
  • Designed for professional and barbershop use
  • Great gift for any wet shaver looking for a fabulous combination
  • Razor has a stainless-steel blade arm and handle of highest quality

If you want simple and sleek, this straight razor kit from Parker has what you need for under $100. You’ll want to invest in a few extras to go with the razor, brush, stand, and extra blades included in this kit. It’s at a low price because it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of the other kits.

How To Get Started With Your Straight Razor

straight razor shaving a beard

If you’ve never shaved with a straight razor, you should start your new adventure by hopping online and watching some pro videos with tips on how to do it right. If your straight razor kit came with an instruction booklet, read every single page of it before you even pull the razor out of the box.

By taking your time and learning the proper steps in using your new straight razor, you’ll better avoid harming yourself. It does help to have a styptic pencil on hand while you’re learning to get the hang of your straight razor.

There are a lot of different straight razor brands out there. While shaving with a straight razor seems vintage, lately it has become a popular thing for younger generations. If you’re ready to be one of the “cool kids,”, now is the time to invest in a straight razor kit of your own.

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