Learning to shave with a straight razor is tricky at first and there WILL be one or two cuts along the way. You can take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen often, as well as reading my guide for beginners, but at the end of the day, a few cuts are almost inevitable. In order to stop shaving cuts bleeding, you will need to use a nick stick, aftershave, or one of several home remedies.

The worst thing you want to do is be stuck driving to work or leaving the house with toilet paper stuck on your lip or neck. There are more efficient ways of stemming the blood flow, and I’m going to go over them now.

How To Stop Shaving Cuts Bleeding

Styptic Pencils

A styptic pencil contains natural minerals known as astringents. These will actively cause your skin to constrict, and the blood to dry up. This usually stops the bleeding almost instantly after only a few seconds’ application. Styptic pencils do sting a bit, but the pain is over with quickly and effectively.

If you are ever in a hurry to stop the bleeding (when are you not?), this is a quick and easy solution. Styptic pencils do not typically cost a lot of money either. You can find one on Amazon for just a few dollars.

Alum Blocks

These are similar to styptic pencils in the way they work (constrict the skin and dry the  blood), but they contain potassium alum. Usually an alum block will resemble a bar of soap, and instead of applying it directly to a nick, you would apply it to your whole face after a shave. They work well, but are less localized than a styptic pencil, and cost more. You can use one as an alternative to aftershave balm though.


Aftershave works well for sealing up the skin pours in order to stop bleeding and sometimes to freshen up the skin as well. They mostly contain alcohol, so can  sting quite a bit, and many people are put off by the alcoholic ingredients. Aftershave was more popular in the past when men liked to have the smell as well, but these days it is more common to be natural.

Quick Fixes

If you are here because you have already cut yourself, or you tend to do it too often and need to know of a quick fix using home ingredients, read on.

Lip Balm

Now I don’t know whether there is any lying around or not, but lip balm can work well at sealing up a small cut and stopping the bleeding. It works especially well if the cut is on your lip. Make sure you clean it after use.


Works slower than styptic pencils and lip balm, but can also work to block the cut and stop blood from trickling down your face. Most households should have some, so it is a popular alternative. No competition with the real thing though.


This can be quite chemically so use it as a last resort, but antiperspirant will get the job done when there is nothing else around. Make sure it’s not a particularly strong-smelling one if you don’t want your face to reek of it all day.

Of course, it’s always best to learn how to shave in the first place, and avoid cutting yourself by concentrating, shaving without distraction, and keeping your blade in good condition. If all else fails, use one of these.


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