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If you’re thinking about making the switch over to old-fashioned wet shaving, it’s important to find products and accessories that you’re really happy with. Shaving soaps and safety razors are all part of the package to get you started with a more traditional grooming style. As well as the bowls, shaving brushes, and aftershave lotions. That’s why you should consider products from Stirling Soap. They’ve put together a great product selection. It includes shaving soaps, hair, skin and lip care, razors, blades, brushes and straight razors for the real traditionalists.

Comparison Table

Take, for instance, the Starter Kit from Stirling Soap. For a fair price you get:

  • Your choice of stainless-handle double-edged razors
  • Assortment of double-edged blades, including one each of Astra, Shark, Derby, Feather and Gillette 7 o’clock Yellow
  • Sample size of aftershave splash (your choice
  • Synthetic shave brush (your choice)
  • Three 1-ounce shaving soap samples (your choice)
  • One four-ounce green jar for your soap

This well-rounded starter kit gives you plenty to choose from so that you can figure out your preferences and what will work best for you and your tastes.

Shaving Soaps at Stirling Soap

Shaving soaps from Stirling Soap

As the name implies, Stirling Soap offers a selection of shaving soaps. It is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Here’s a sampling of some of their offerings:

  • Agara tallow-based shaving soap with notes of agarwood, cedar, smoke and spices
  • Almost Heaven: classic tallow-based shaving soap with scents of soft musk, amber, peony and vanilla
  • Bay Rum: another traditional tallow-based shaving soap with the classic Bay Rum scent, blended with orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and essential oils
  • Electric Sheep: a bold and strong-scented mutton tallow-based shaving soap that blends lemon, citronella and eucalyptus essential oils
  • Texas on Fire: includes scents of leather, labdanum, vanilla, cade, cedarwood and birch tar
  • Pharoah’s Dreamsicle: a variation on the traditional ice cream bar, with a blend of sweet orange, blood orange, vanilla, and Egyptian musk

These are just a few of their varieties of top-quality shaving soap and there’s one to fit just about anyone’s tastes.

An Assortment of Shaving Brushes to Choose From 

Shave brushes from Stirling Soap

If you’ve got shaving soap, you’ve got to have a brush to go with it. What’s your preference for a shaving brush? Badger? Boar? Synthetic? Do you like a softer brush or a firmer one? Longer, or shorter bristles? There are plenty to choose from, as well as different stainless stands for brush and razor, and at reasonable prices.Shaving brushes often feature a handsome decorative handle. Stirling brushes are no exception, with form-fitting onyx- or ivory-colored handles and a premium-level brush with a striking marble handle.

Fun Fact: The biggest determining factor in the price of a shaving brush is its bristle load. The bristles are fastened together into a knot that is embedded in the handle. This is with the best-quality brushes using a handmade knot. Badger hair brushes are taken from the Eurasian badger. Furthermore, fibers of the hog badger can contain hairs that are two or even three different colors. This is referred to as “two-band” or “three-band”.Boar hair may be lower in price but can still offer very high quality. As boar brushes start to break in, the bristles actually split at the tips for a softer, smoother experience. While synthetic bristles or badgers can’t absorb water, boar bristles can. Remember to soak boar bristles for a minute or two before working up a lather.

Safety Razors and Double-Edged Blades

Stainless steel handle DE razors from Stirling Soap

Choose from three safety razor designs, with knurled stainless handles and a three-piece chrome-plated pot metalhead. You can also interchange the safety razor heads for designs with an open comb, a standard head, or a more aggressive head for a closer, quicker shave.

There are also eight brands of double-edged razor blades to choose from, in packs of five, and even two straight razors if you really want to go for a traditional shaving experience like your grandpa (or great-grandpa) might have enjoyed. The Torrey razor is not a reproduction – it’s actually a restoration of a vintage straight razor, with an edge that’s added by one of the most respected honemeisters in the country.

Stirling Soap: Final Thoughts

What are you in the market for? Bath soap (many of which offer the same scents as the shaving soaps), shaving products, hair care products, skin and lip care? Maybe a gift for someone else (Stirling offers gift cards)? Whatever you’ve got in mind, Stirling Soap has personal care products that are sophisticated, masculine and distinctly traditional, but with a modern twist. If you’re tired of generic shaving supplies and methods, it’s worth giving Stirling Soap a shot.

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