The silvertip badger shaving brushes are widely accepted as the best badger hair brushes around. They can be quite expensive, but that is just a reflection of their quality. It is also because badger hair only turns that silvery color during the winter, and only the neck hair at that, so it is pretty rare.

Badger hair brushes are so good that there are probably more people who use badger hair brushes than those who use straight razors. They are certainly not considered old-fashioned anymore.

If you are a fan of soft, finely graded badger hair, the silvertip will be for you. No finer hair exists. While at the lower grades some people will argue that boar hair and badger hair are pretty similar, the silvertip has no rival.

I love it for its beauty as well.

Different Grades Of Brush

Typically, badger hair brushes are sorted into the following grades, sorted from worst to best:

“Pure Badger” or “Dark Badger” Hair: This hair is usually the darkest, roughest hair, coming from around the badger’s stomach and back. It still provides an excellent lather and shave, and is readily available. You can find decent brushes for around $20, so it can be a good choice for beginner shaver looking to assemble their own set.

“Gray” or “Standard” Badger Brush: These ones are lighter and softer and a little bit more expensive. They use hair that comes from the badger’s tail. This is the type of brush I recommend to first-time buyers, because it is soft enough to consider luxurious and comfortable, yet still affordable enough for a small investment.

“Premium”, “Tapered” or “Fine” Badger Brush: These ones are more expensive and are usually handcrafted. Apart from the silvertip, they are the best types of brush and are very soft, which makes them perfect for beards and people with sensitive skin.

Silvertip: No other rival. As explained earlier, the Silvertips are the softest, finest and rarest badger hair brushes available. They too are handcrafted which just adds to the value of everything. Those looking for an incredibly soft shave and great lather, as well as a beautiful ornament, should go with the silvertip.

 Best Silvertip Badger Shaving Brushes

There are still quite a few companies who produce silvertips these days, which can make it difficult to know which one is the best. I will give an overview below of three of the best brands for you to choose from.


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