Shaving With Electric Razors vs Wet Razors

Although electric shavers have been around for a very long time, one of the biggest complaints that have come from people who have used them is that they simply did not shave as close as regular razors. People have always used them for the convenience, but when it came to a close shave, electric shavers didn’t always make the grade. Today’s electric shavers, however, are very much improved versions of the older ones, and many are managing to hold their own against regular razors.

When electric razors first came out, their popularity came from the convenience that they offered to men (electric shavers for women didn’t come out until years after men’s electric shavers). They eliminated the need for shaving cream and changing razor blades frequently. However, since the older electric shavers gave men a “dry” shave, men’s skin had to be protected from being too close to the blades. This meant that the shave one got with an electric razor could never be quite as close as when razor blades were applied directly to wet skin.

Today’s electric shavers, both for men and for women, are designed so that the blades can have enough contact with the skin to be highly effective in removing hair. Also, there are many electric shavers on the market today that can work with shaving creams and lotions, making them no longer exclusively dry shavers. They can be plugged into an electric outlet, they can run on regular batteries, or they can run on rechargeable batteries, making them convenient for traveling or shaving on the go.

Technology has improved electric shavers to the point where most of them can go up against regular razors and come out looking pretty good. Complaints about electric shavers are way down these days, even though there are still some diehard consumers who will always prefer regular razors. As is usually the case with any products, however, with electric shavers you are usually going to get what you pay for.

Spend less than thirty dollars for an electric shaver and you will most likely get a product that won’t live up to your long term expectations. Electric shavers in the forty dollar to seventy-five dollar range are going to be your best bet; they will deliver the closest shaves and will be durable enough to use for several years. In today’s fast-paced society, electric shavers definitely have their place, and are delivering the kind of results that men and women need in order to look their best.