Shaving Mug

How do you know how to choose a shaving mug or bowl? It’s actually a more difficult question to answer than you would think.

There are multiple different materials and styles for you to choose from, and their individual specifications will be what you’ll need to know when selecting your bowl or shaving mug.

Bowl or Mug Materials

You’ll see several different types of materials that bowls and shaving mugs are made from. These materials include metal, ceramic, wood, and plastic. Occasionally, you’ll also see them made from something like a horn.

Metal Mugs and Bowls

Metal bowls are less expensive than ceramics but tend to be a bit more than plastic. You have options if you want to use a metal bowl, too.

You can use a kitchen bowl or a metal mug to use as a place to build your lather. If you choose to go with a metal bowl, you also want to make sure it is stainless steel so you can prevent rust more effectively.

Some metal bowls are more ornate than others, so at that point, it depends on your personal preference when deciding what kind of bowl or mug you want.

Something to remember, if it bothers you, is that a metal bowl will not stay warm, so your lather will eventually get cold. Also, the smooth surface doesn’t make it easy to build a lather, but it can be done.

Ceramic Mugs and Bowls

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A ceramic shaving mug, or stoneware piece, is wonderful for building lather if the bowl has built-in ridges or bumps on the inside of the bowl or mug. Not only do they last, but they also hold on to the heat.

Another bonus to using ceramic is the way that it is easy to clean. Ceramic also doesn’t hold on to the smell.

On the downside of using ceramic, it is also pretty fragile. It could chip easily and smash into a thousand pieces if you were to ever accidentally drop it. Because of this, ceramic is not the best choice for traveling.

Wooden Shaving Mugs and Bowls

Wood has a classic appearance that looks sophisticated when you add it to your bathroom. The rough texture of the wood also provides a much better surface to build lather against compared to metal or ceramic counterparts.

Wood is also relatively good at holding on to heat, and it is nowhere near as fragile as ceramic. If you drop it, it shouldn’t break or chip.

On the downside, wood will warp if it is not adequately taken care of.  That means you’ll need to take the time to let a wooden bowl dry out the way it is supposed to and not leave it wet.

Plastic Shaving Mugs and Bowls

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If you care more about price than looks, a plastic bowl is going to be the most inexpensive option available to you. There are some definite benefits to selecting a plastic shaving mug or bowl.

For one, they won’t break if you drop them. Secondly, plastic bowls are easy to come by. You can pick up a plastic kitchen bowl and be good to go.

Keep in mind that plastic is a lot like ceramic and metal in that the smooth surface means building up a lather will take some work. Also like metal, heat is not retained, which means your lather will get cold.

On the bright side, plastic bowls will not likely absorb smells, and they definitely will not absorb moisture which means no warping.

Choosing a Mug or Bowl

Bowls are easy to find as they are available from big-box retailers just as much as they are available online from a place like Amazon. Mugs are a bit more of a niche product, so it will be easier to find one online if you’re looking specifically for a shaving mug.

On the other hand, old mugs work well as shaving mugs if you don’t mind that they are not as wide as an actual shaving mug. Shaving mugs also generally have bumps or ridges on the inside to help you build your lather as you swirl your brush around.

Mugs do work exceedingly well compared to bowls, too. Because mugs have higher sides than bowls do, they are also better at making sure that you don’t spill your lather. Plus, the handle makes it much easier to hold than a shaving bowl.

If you would rather have a shaving bowl, be sure you look for a lathering bowl. As they come in all different materials as well as sizes, you’ll need to find the one that works for you.

A Couple Other Things to Remember

Size and texture matter. If you use a shaving mug or a shaving bowl, you need to make sure that it can hold the lather you’re going to need. You’ll also want to keep the texture of the inside of the bowl in mind as you make your selections.

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