Safety Razors vs Straight Razors

Many people who are thinking of making the switch away from modern cartridges often wonder where they should head first. It came to my attention that making a “safety razors vs straight edge razors” post would be incredibly helpful for them, so here it is.

Best Overall Razor

The overall winner out of all the razors below is the Dovo Classic Straight Razor. Not only is its blade suitable for beginners, it's also one of the best quality straight razors being manufactured today.

I’m now going to go over the pros and cons of each, and give my own little conclusion further down the page. If you end up even more confused, or just want to add your own thoughts on the matter, feel free to post a comment.

Safety Razors vs Straight Edge Razors – Round One

First up is the safety razor. These guys are pretty easy to use, compact, and provide a decent shave too. They will likely last you for a long time, but the major downside is that the blades need replacing.

What is pretty cool about them is that you can often set the length of blade you want to use, like with electric clippers, which gives some nice flexibility to your shave. They are also sharper than modern razors (what isn’t?).

The main advantage they have over a straight razor is convenience. Using a safety is as simple as plonking in the blade, closing it up, choosing the right setting, then going to work. The safety aspect, the “grill” type cover that users of modern cartridges will be familiar with, makes it difficult to cut yourself, while still enjoying a good shave.

You do need to replace the blades, but it’s not a big deal for most people, and still a massive reduction in cost over modern blades.

With a safety razor, you DO massively reduce your shaving bill. Replacement blades only cost around $20 for a decent amount on Amazon, and a good safety razor lasts for life.

Another advantage of the safety razor is pricing. You can get a good straight razor for around $70-100 whereas safeties only cost $30-40 for a good one.

Best Safety Razor

For those of you want want a balance between convenience and quality shave, a safety razor might be your best option. Among all the safety razors below, the best one is the Merkur Long Handled.

Picture (Click For More)NamePriceRating
Merkur Long Handled$$$4.6/5
Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge$$$4.7/5
Edwin Jagger Double Edge$$4.7/5
Parker 99R - Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT$$4.4/5
Sturdy Long Handle Double Edge $$$4.7/5

Find more safety razors here.

Round Two

So, let’s see how the straight razor fares. The straight razor is the ultimate in quality and provides the closest, most comfortable shave you will find.

A well-maintained blade will also last forever, so except from the occasional honing service, you can say goodbye to shaving expenses on your shopping budget, or even learn to hone it yourself.

Yes, using a straight can be more time consuming than the average person wants, but that’s not the point. A straight razor turns shaving from a chore to a hobby, so you will no longer care about time spent shaving. You’ll also need to shave less often (every other day), so the time balances out in the long run.

If you are prepared to learn the true art of shaving, and get used to a straight razor, you will appreciate it for the rest of your shaving life, and so will your partner.

Picture (Click For More)NamePriceRating
Dovo Classic Half Hollow$$$$4.1/5
Dovo Full Hollow$$$$4.4/5
Haryali 100% Wood Handle$$$3.7/5
Feather SS Japanese $$$4.8/5
Feather Artist Club$$$$4.7/5


The boxes below give a quick summary of the pros and cons of each razor type.


Safety razors


  • Convenient
  • Sharp
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Cheaper


  • Blades need replacing
  • Not quite as good as straights



Straight razors


  • Sharper and smoother than anything else
  • Seriously enjoyable
  • Manly
  • A hobby and lifestyle choice
  • Will last forever


  • Tricky to learn (But it just takes time)
  • Can be time consuming
  • More expensive to get started


Best Straight Razor

The Dovo Classic is the best entry level straight razor, and will keep you satisfied even as you become more advanced.

Best Safety Razor

The Merkur Long Handled safety razor represents the best balance between convenience and quality.