Safety razor shaving tips

Anytime you want to accomplish something it’s very important to have some sort of guidelines or tips that will ensure efficiency in your activity. Shaving using a safety razor is one of such activities that require tips to make sure the process is done in a safe manner.

With this kind of tips, am confident enough you will enjoy a clean and safe shaving process. Listed here are some key tips that will go in a long way to helping you experience a safe razor shaving.

  1. When you shaving, it’s recommended you use the right amount of pressure. What this statement means is that do not press the razor too hard against your skin or face. Glide the razor on top of your skin slowly and in a relaxed manner. This will prevent you in applying much pressure. The consequence of not using the right pressure is that you will have a bad shave and you may end up slicing your face. No one would like such an experience, therefore its worthwhile to follow the tip.
  2. Use the appropriate angle. This is very important because using the wrong angle could make you cut your face. It’s good to identify the right angle by yourself. Your hand should be comfortable while doing the shaving.
  3. Shave after you have had a hot shower. This makes the hair soft and easy to cut, hence there will be no need of applying much pressure. When shaving, use a quality shaving soap, foam or gel to provide good lubrication and moisten the hair.
  4. You can start shaving along the hair growth direction. If this does not work out well, apply much cream or soap and then shave against the growth. Choose the method that produces the best results.
  5. Use short and slow strokes. This will prevent you from changing the appropriate angle of shaving. Longer and fast strokes may make you cut yourself.
  6. After you have done your shaving, apply a good disinfectant like methylated spirit to kill any germs on the skin. Apply a good after shave lotion to sooth your skin. This will prevent you from scratching yourself, an effect caused by the dryness of the skin.

The tips given above will go in long way in helping you enjoy your shaving process. You will be sure that the shaving has been done in a safe manner. Hence chances of being infected by germs or cutting yourself will be minimized. The tips given are the key to your clean and safe shaving.