Safety Razor Designs

Despite the fact that materials and production of safety razors have varied throughout the years, there are still just a couple of fundamental designs of safety razors. This article compares the three main sorts of safety razors which include the one, two, and three piece design, in addition to the advantages and downsides of each model.

One piece safety razors do not have any removable parts. These razors are characterized by a cutting head with two pivoted plates. At the point when the handle is turned, a mechanical discharge triggers the plates to open or close uncovering in inside of the head, so that the utilized edge and be effortlessly uprooted.

The turn to-open razor outline takes into account a quick sharp edge substitution between shaves making it a mainstream alternative for wet shavers. Since these have a more mechanical configuration, moving parts can be inclined to breakage after some time. Little pivots are much more inclined to gather dirt, sops, or creams which can influence the opening and closing of the razor in the event that they are not legitimately cleaned or altogether dried between shaves.

Two piece safety razors are probably the most popular and common type of razor. In this design, the top part of the cutting head can be unscrewed in order to change a blade. Two-piece razors are popular amongst numerous wet shavers in light of the fact that it is not necessary to tinker with the cutting edge so as to adjust and secure it into the razor. Unfortunately the design of this razor does make it harder to clean between uses. Since the cutting head is attached to the handle at all times, it makes it harder to take the blade out and change it.

The three piece safety razors come apart as the cutting head, blade, and handle. These are the most easiest type of razor to keep clean because they are normally made of solid metal, you can clean all of the parts separately, and have no moving parts. The only drawback to this design is that it requires more caution when assembling it after it a cleaning.

The handle has to be held with one hand while the top and bottom plates are attached. You must be extra careful as to not accidentally touch the cutting edge during this process.

All of these razors and their advantages and disadvantages, and choosing which type of razor would work best for you is a matter of personal preference.