Safety Razor 101: How to Get a Classically Close Shave


Shaving has been so commercialized that it’s hard to know what’s in style or the best way to shave your face. In other words…

It’s hard to know which razor is best–or even, which style of shaving is best. 

You see, there really are no universal shaving methods or razors. It’ll depend on your shaving goals, the coarseness and direction of your hair, and your patience/time. 

You could do a quick job with a cheapo razor and get a passable shave. You might wind up with some nicks but that’s kind of par for the course when it comes to shaving. Still, if you could develop the right habits and techniques, and find a sensible razor (ie, versatile, practical, and affordable), you might learn to appreciate a clean and close shave. 

Especially one that doesn’t leave your skin red or irritated afterward. 

Well, safety razors are good for that!

They might seem retro or complicated but safety razors are relatively simple to figure out; and once you establish a process that works for you, you’ll be shaving like a pro in no time. 

Here’s the thing…

Shaving isn’t just about the razor you use. It’s about preparation. 

If you’ve ever just lathered up your face and cut straight to shaving, you more than likely regretted it. 

The trick is to exfoliate beforehand to remove any dead skin or loose hairs. Use hot water when you do this as it’ll soften your facial hair and expand your pores. This prevents feeling like your razor is pulling more hairs out than it’s cutting. 

Once your face is ready, your shaving cream will decide how smooth the blade travels across your face. 

It’s best to avoid alcohol-based products before and after shaving while we’re on the subject for shaving products.

Getting your face prepped the right way and using a cream that’s been lathered onto your face will make a whole world of difference in how close the shave is. 

So, if you’d like to give safety razors a try, read on!

How to Get a Classically Close Shave

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