Fromm 5/6 Razor



A Good Quality And Great Value

From razors claim to have the world’s best finish and strongest edge

Just like DublDuck and Dovo, Fromm blades are also made with steel forged in Solingen, Germany. This means that despite a lower price, Fromm blades are still going to be a good quality purchase. They might not be as rare as Dublduck or as popular as Dovo, but a Fromm blade will not let you down. It will make a great first razor or backup razor.

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Information at a glance:

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Strong edge and great finish
  • Made in Solingen
  • 5/8″ blade

My Thoughts:

This is a great first blade or backup blade, and for the price you pay, will prove to be a worthy purchase. If you want to try straight razor shaving, but don’t want to break the bank just for a trial, yet still have a desire to experience that luxury shave feeling, this could well be the blade for you.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Fromm

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