Dovo Master’s

dovo-masters270A Master’s Blade for a Masterful Shave.

One of Dovo’s best razors. A real masterpiece

I wouldn’t recommend this razor to beginners. As usual, it does not come shave ready, but for those more experienced people looking for a great shave, that is not going to be a problem. Send it off to be honed professionally, or hone it yourself.

It is stainless steel, so will keep an edge for longer.

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Information at a glance:

  • Grenadille Handles
  • Full Hollow (preferred by most shavers)
  • 6/8″ Blade
  • Stainless Steel

My thoughts:

This blade oozes of manliness and just looks beautiful. The ONE negative thing I would say about it is that I wish it was carbon steel instead of stainless, however, that doesn’t take anything away from the quality or look and feel of this blade.

You will only be able to do one thing with this blade: Enjoy It

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