Dovo Full Set



Have a REAL luxury shave by owning the full set.

Shaving should be as pleasurable a past-time as possible

It’s all well and good owning a great razor, but the real art of shaving comes with having everything. The strop, the badger hair brush, the cream, the carry case. You could buy all of these tools separately, or you could just hop on over to Amazon and save yourself time (and money) by buying a full set.

Dovo Full Set

Information/Set Contents at a glance:

  • Dovo 5/8″ RazorĀ 
  • Razor Strop
  • Badger Hair Brush with bowl and soap
  • Travel Case
  • Box

My Thoughts:

This set might seem expensive at first, but if you are aware of how much you spend on disposable or cartridge razors, you will know that after one year the kit has paid for itself. Furthermore, it is the most convenient and cost effective way to buy everything you need to start shaving.

Additional info:

There is another kit available that has a 6/8″ blade instead of a 5/8″ blade. Check them both out below.

Dovo 5/8″Dovo 6/8″