Dovo Best Quality

blond270Solingen Best Quality, Quality Speaks For Itself.

A mainstay of the Dovo collection, the most popular straight razor in the world

If you want to get a top quality razor, but something that will not prove too difficult for a relative newbie, this is the razor you need. It provides an excellent shave in a straight forward manner.

It is carbon steel, so will keep a sharper edge and closer shave.

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Information at a glance:

  • White Razor comes SHAVE READY
  • Carbon Steel is the best quality for your razor
  • Fully Hollowed (Most preferred style)
  • Incredibly well regarded Dovo Solingen

My thoughts:

This was the blade I started with. I didn’t regret it. It is straight forward enough for a beginner to learn well, yet it is high enough quality to provide an AWESOME shave. A truly well balanced blade.

A Perfect First or Second Razor

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