Colonel Ichabod Stone



Easy To Use And Comfortable Handle

Colonel Ichabod provides a nice budget alternative for sharpening straight razors.

This sharpening stone may appear limited in its abilities, but it can still sharpen a blade well enough. It will not be able to restore a compeltely dull blade, but it will be great for maintenance and keeping an existing edge straight and sharp.

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Information at a glance:

  • Wood Handle
  • Includes Sharpening Instructions
  • Great for Knives too
  • Good Value

My Thoughts:

This is certainly a decent “starter’s” stone, but those who want something more professional would be better looking at my other recommendations. I do like that this is very affordable and comes with an instruction manual as well, ┬áso it can be a great purchase for learning the art of honing. You will probably want to upgrade at a later date. Still, it is not going to be a bad purchase by any means.

Sharpen Your Razors And Kitchen Knives At the Same Time

$25 At Amazon


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