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Plisson, a widely acclaimed French company, is known for its upscale shaving brushes. Many people who have heard about these products feel some apprehension because they came from using other excellent choices like Muhle STF v2, and they could not believe a synthetic brush did better than that. A Plisson shaving brush consists of soft brush bristles, but the brush maintains its backbone to make lathering more effective. Admittedly, the brush still fails to have as good of a feeling as a boar brush.

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Main Features of the Plisson Shaving Brush

Plisson will only use synthetic badger hair in their products. In total, you have five hair qualities available:

  • European Grey.
  • Black Quality.
  • European White.
  • Russian Grey.
  • High Mountain White.

If you choose Black Quality, you will receive a product made from pure badger hairs. In addition, the low price and resistance make it a popular choice. On the other hand, you have High Mountain White. This Plisson shaving brush became known for its softness and extreme resistance. The rarity of the bristles makes it one of your finest choices. Russian Grey has become a widespread brush on the market, and this made it cheaper because of how easy it is to get.

Nevertheless, it retains most of the necessary characteristics to make it a good brush for those on a budget. European Grey offers greater spring and a firmer touch. A lot of shavers know it for its softness. Finally, you have European White, and while this Plisson shaving brush keeps much of the qualities found in High Mountain White, it’s not quite as white or luminous.

The brush feels good in your hand with its weight. Also, it’s comfortable to hold, and the synthetic badger hair attaches to the brush well. In other words, you have no falling out or bending out of shape from use. The bristles on your face feel soft. Looking at the packaging, the brush comes in a well-built box; the brush sits on a stand.

While the stand doesn’t look overly attractive, it accomplishes its purpose. The Plisson shaving brush features a big knot that spans a nice distance. The shape of the brush also looks good, and it feels balanced. Because this shaving tool uses synthetic badger hair, you do not have to soak it before using it, so you save a few extra minutes.

Pros and Cons of the Plisson Shaving Brush

a Plisson shaving brush

3 Spectacular Advantages of the Plisson Shaving Brush

First, performance stands out as one of the top reasons to choose this brush. The tip of the brush feels like a cool summer breeze on your face. It lathers well and applies almost effortlessly. If your Plisson shaving brush uses synthetic badger hair, you will want to apply softer soaps or creams because it loads better with the brush.

The second advantage is how Plisson razors will often feature chrome or authentic wood to sport a classier style. Like the brush, the razor will have substantial weight, and it feels like real quality in your hands.

The knot of the Plisson shaving brush becomes the third noteworthy advantage. First, the brush looks breathtaking, and the synthetic knot feels so soft to the touch that you have almost no resistance when your hand glides through it. A bigger knot size makes more suds. Keep in mind. However, a larger brush makes it much harder to have accurate precision.

2 Disadvantages of the Plisson Shaving Brush

One of the main disadvantages of the Plisson shaving brush is how it lacks a backbone. It still works great, but you only have to apply some pressure to see the brush splay. That becomes a big problem when you want accuracy while shaving. Second, while some people loved the handle, others found it more of a liability because of the awkwardness.

Your hand could slip on it easily, and the shape of it feels wrong in your hand. It depends on the Plisson shaving brush chosen, however. You could, for example, buy a smaller brush where your thumb sits right on the edge while you hold it, which does nothing to make an advantage for the brush.

Is the Plisson Shaving Brush Worth Buying?

Despite a few disadvantages, the brush feels heavenly on your face. People with bigger hands may dislike the handle, but the majority of men were satisfied with the brush. It feels perfect in everyday use. The best way to learn if this brush works for you is to buy it and find out. In terms of appearance, you have a solid brush, and the dark handle in combination with the silver logo will stand out as highly appealing.

The Plisson shaving brush takes shaving to a new level of luxury. Almost everything about the brush screams quality. It does have a few areas that need work, but that’s a minor complaint because the brush still gets so much right. Some men prefer it because it has soft painting strokes, and it excels at lathering the face.

The low price also makes it a low-risk product, and you can sometimes pick up a Plisson shaving brush for as little as $30. That makes it a steal to add to your collection. This brush will feel different than some of your other synthetic brushes because it has a greater density. Also, it’s much softer than some of the other synthetic brushes.

Putting It All Together

George Plisson first founded the company in 1808, and the company quickly gained fame for its brushes. Among the famous followers of the brand, you had Charles de Gaulle, Farouk of Egypt, Jean Marais and King Hassan II. Do you have experience with the Plisson shaving brush?

If so, we’d love to hear what you thought of it. For those who have never tried the brand, we invite you to check it out. The brush on the face feels like paradise, and it lathers the face easily. You have a lot of good to be said about this product, which is why we recommend it.

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