personna double edge safety blades

Features of Personna Razor Blades

Personna double edge razor blades are stainless steel with a protective glide-coating around the edges. They can be used in any safety razor. All Personna blades are manufactured in a Los Angeles plant. You can get Personna blades in 100 or 200 packs online. You’ll find that all the Personna blades in each box are individually wrapped. The 100-pack box will cost you about $12 and the 200-pack is now at $21.

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Sharp And Smooth

One thing that many reviewers like about the Personna double edge razor blades is the balance between sharpness and smoothness. Very few men who use this product complain of any tugging, razor burn, or cuts while using these blades. Even people with sensitive skin are able to get a really close shave without that much irritation.

Respected Brand

Personna is an old and highly respected company both in the shaving world and in the medical field. The manufacturers at Personna have experience making precise scalpel blades for surgeons, so they definitely know how to produce safe sharp products for professional and personal use.

Decent Price

The price of these Personna double edge blades is relatively low in comparison with other brands. For example, Feather Double Edge Blades sell for $16 for a 50-pack box. The main reason Feather blades are so much more expensive is that they are the sharpest in the business. Interestingly, some shavers call Personna blades “Feather blades without the danger.” Indeed, Feather blades require a great degree of dexterity due to their incredible sharpness. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper and safer alternative to getting a smooth and sharp shave, Personna is definitely worth checking out.


Still Expensive

Although Personna double edge blades are affordable, they aren’t the cheapest on the market. You can buy cheaper blades from companies like Derby or Gillette online. Depending on your style of shaving, how often you use blades, and your skin type, you might actually prefer cheaper blades than the Personna. You’ll just have to try out these blades for yourself and weigh out how much you want to spend on your shaving routine.

Not All-Purpose

The Personna double edge razor blades weren’t designed for head shaving. A few men who have tried using these blades on their heads were disappointed with the results. If you’re thinking about using safety razor blades for head shaving on a regular basis, you should look into different companies.

Inconsistent Reviews

For some reason, a lot of negative reviewers of the Personna double edge razor blades online switched from Merkur razor blades to Personna blades. On average, Merkur blades are far more expensive than Personna, but people who’ve used Merkur say it’s difficult for them to transition over to Personna. Some of these reviewers say the Personna blades leave them with more nicks than the Merkur blades. This might be due to personal shaving strategies and the differences in coating between Merkur and Personna products, but it’s worthwhile knowing if you are currently a Merkur aficionado.

Longevity of Personna Blades

As mentioned above, people tend to get at least three shaves out of the Personna double edge blades. You’ll get more passes if you shave daily because the blade won’t blunt as much against rougher facial hair.

Sharpness of Personna Blades

Personna manufacturers say the new stainless steel blades have 25 percent more sharpness than previous iterations. While not as sharp as brands like Feather, Personna is plenty sharp for beginning wet shavers.

What Sets Personna Apart

The main thing that separates Personna from other blades is the sharpness/smoothness balance. Even professional shavers say Personna is their go-to blade because it offers the best of both worlds. If anyone had to sum up Personna’s value for the modern shaver, it would probably be “balance.” Not only balance when it comes to sharpness/smoothness but also its reasonable mid-range price.

Reviews and Ratings of Personna Blades

The reviews for the Personna double edge razor blades online are overwhelmingly positive. Out of almost 4,000 reviews on Amazon, almost 70 percent give the product five stars.

Availability and Price of Personna Blades

Personna is easily available online on sites like eBay. You can check out Personna’s full product line on the company’s main website at

Are Personna Double Edge Razor Blades Worth Buying?

Anyone looking for safety razor blades that are well designed and aren’t extremely sharp should definitely give the Personna double edge razor blades a try. These blades won’t cost you that much and aren’t sharp enough that you need to be an advanced wet shaver. Whether you’re new to wet shaving or quite experienced, the Personna double edge blades are a great investment.

​Summing Up Personna Razor Blades Review

Even people with sensitive skin love the Personna double edge razor blades. These blades give an extremely close shave without the worry of sharper blades like Feather. If you have a tougher beard, you might have a few issues using the Personna double edge blades. However, if you shave every day and use relatively light pressure on your face, you should have no issues with these razor blades. Personna double edge razor blades are available on all major online vendors.

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