Black Widow Barber Straight Razor

The Black Widow Straight Razor is everything that you need to get the job done. Although it’s part of the executive collection, the price is affordable. That’s a huge plus. With the Executive razor, you’ll be able to deliver a high-quality shave without having to spend a lot of money.

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Black Widow Straight Razor Review

Barber Straight Razor, Professional

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  • The single edge razor features an armature swing lock that’s designed for secure blade insertion and created with ridges and thumb notch for extra control to prevent the razor from slipping.
  • The razor is designed in matte black and shine gold accents.
  • It’s double-coated to prevent chipping.
  • The blade is sturdier.

One of the things the Black Widow is managed to do so well is designed a barber razor that can deliver precision while offering it at a reasonable price. The manufacturer hasn’t sacrificed the design of the razor to make it available at that price.

It’s nice to know that the Executive razor also has an appealing design. To make it look stylish, Black Widow used matte black and shiny gold accents. Just because it’s affordable, doesn’t mean that it looks cheap. The design on this razor is definitely above average.

The reason that Black Widow started operating is that they wanted to provide barbers with top-notch products that they would afford. They understand that barbers want the best equipment and most don’t want to spend a fortune, so they designed the Executive razor to be reasonably priced while ensuring that it is a reliable product that lasts a long time.

The company’s CEO recognized that the cost of the equipment that barbers needed were increasing at a significant rate. Realizing this, he set out to change the course of the industry by producing products that are strong, durable and affordable.


  • Provides perfect balance in the barber’s hands for easy maneuvering.
  • Well constructed with stainless steel to ensure, which makes the razor stiffer and easier to use on thick beards or hair.
  • It’s double-coated to prevent chipping.
  • The razor blade is very sturdy.
  • The balanced weight distribution ensures that the barber does not strain his or her hands.


  • The blade is not included in the package.
  • The manufacture has not mentioned anything about a warranty after the 30 day return period.

Is A Black Widow Razor Worth Buying?

You have to look at what you’re getting and the price that you’re getting it to determine if it’s worth buying. Black Widow has designed a razor that is comfortable to use, has perfect balance and is easy to clean.

One of the things that barbers worry about the most besides the quality of the razor is how it affects them. Is it going to be easy for them to work with or will it make their life much easier? With the Executive razor, Black Widow ensured that there was no slip thumb notch to ensure that the barber gets better handling and control.

They have also ensured that it causes less vibration and provides a perfect balance in the hands so that the barber can easily maneuver it. Black Widow designed this razor for professional barbers who need to do precise, detailed shaves. It’s compatible with any barber razor blade.

Besides the fact that it’s more affordable than most razors of high quality, it’s more portable. It’s better for travel because it’s lighter and safer. The razor weighs 2.6 oz, which can last for many years. There’s no need to replace this razor within a short period as it’s made to last.

Let’s Summarize This Razor.

The Black Widow Straight Razor is an affordable razor that’s made from 100% rust-resistant stainless steel. It allows the barber to perform a close, professional shave without straining his or her hand. It’s made of high-quality but at an affordable price. Who wouldn’t want that type of razor?

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