Shaving used to be an art and it still is for some people despite all the advancement in technology that have brought about new methods of shaving. Nowadays most people run a quick blade over their beard or use some of the new advanced electric shaving machines but nothing beats a good old safety razor shave.

Double edged razor in bathroom setting prepared for a wet shave with a badger hair shaving brush and towel

Shaving with a safety razor used to be a skill that every gentleman had to master but nowadays very few people know how to do it correctly. To make sure that you get a clean shave using a safety razor and enjoy doing it you should follow the following three simple steps.

Step # 1: Prepare For the Shave

If you want to use the safety razor and enjoy doing it then, you need to have the right equipment. A generous lather is a must have for a cleaner shave especially for newbie’s but once you become proficient, then you can skip a few steps. Having quality lather will be kind on your face, and it will also make it easier for you to work with the razor.

Nowadays there are ready shaving creams that can be applied directly on your beard but using a shaving soap is more interesting. A good idea will be to lather up after showering because your hair is soft and nice. You should also apply a thick layer and even it out using a shaving brush. In case you do not have time to shower, you can use a wet towel to make your beard moist before applying the lather.

Step #2: How To Do the Actual Shave

Once your beard is evenly lathered up the next step is to do the actual shaving using your safety razor. A safety razor offers a smoother and closer shave, but it takes some skill, and so you have to master this skill. To get a perfect shave, you will need to master the following important things when using this type of razor.

  • The angle: This will probably be the most difficult thing to master especially for those used to shaving with cartridges. After submerging the razor in warm water, you should position it at a 30º angle. This angle will not only ensure a smoother shave but will also reduce nicks and cuts.
  • The pressure: Avoid using too much pressure and let the safety razor d all the hard work for you. Safety razors are heavy and more efficient, and so you should not use too much pressure. One way to reduce the amount of pressure used is by holding the razor further down its handle.
  • Always go with the grain: Most men think that going against the grain will give them a faster and smoother shave, but the truth of the matter is this will only increase the chances of getting cuts and nicks. When using safety razors go with the grain but make sure you give the area a couple of passes to get the smooth shave you desire.
  • Step-by-step Reduction is better than instant removal: Even if you are time constrained you should not try to remove the hair in one swoop. If you try to remove all the hair I one swoop you will apply too much pressure on your skin that cause skin irritation. Giving your beard a couple of passes might take longer but you will get a smoother shave without skin irritations.
  • Only use shape blades: This is not an extraordinary step when using safety razors, but it is important to ensure that your blades are sharp by changing it after every five shaves.

Step #3: After the Shave

Developing a good post shave routine is also an important step when using this type of razor. Before applying the aftershave, you should splash your face with cold water or dab your beard with a wet towel. Cold water will close your pores and reduce any skin irritation that you may have. To properly maintain your shaver, apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol as this will kill bacteria and ensure the blade lasts longer.


  1. Hi there- this is not exactly linked, I saw your article on safety vs straight razor written a while ago I believe. I’m in a bit of a spot here- you see, here in India, we get mostly the cartridge razors, and cheap plastic safety razors generally very easily. The straight razors are mostly found in barber shops, but they’re different from the ones I saw in your post and online- these straight razors use the same blades used in safety razors, the only difference is that they’re broken in half along the length. They are pretty good, but do you know of any such models that are very cheap? In India, most such products that I’ve seen don’t cost more than about 3 or 4 usd. Online I see products that are well into the 20-40 dollar range. I’m a school kid with few resources to spend, can’t afford something to spend 20-40 dollars on a razor


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