I see a lot of newcomers attracted to Fromm straight razors. If you want an honest review about how worthwhile a purchase they are, read on.

I can understand their popularity. When you first decide to give straight razor shaving a try, you don’t want to spend too much money. There’s no point buying an expensive blade only to discover later on that this type of shave is not for you (although why would you decide that?). Still, you are also aware that buying a cheap blade will result in a poor-quality shave. Therefore, you look for something in the middle ground.

This is where Fromm Straight Razors come in.

Priced at less than $100, you can feel safe that you are not getting a “cheapo” blade, but equally, you are not going to break the bank, and you will leave yourself some room for the rest of the essential items like a strop, brush et al.

Made in Solingen, Fromm is definitely quality, while reasonably priced. You know that you won’t get the best shave in the world, but you can feel rest assured that it is money well spent.

Or is it?

In terms of “bang for the buck”, Fromm’s newer razors may not be exactly what you are looking for. Yes, they will shave you and get the job done, but the job could be done a lot better.

Most experts are not very impressed with the modern production of Fromm’s, although many admit that the earlier ones were better fine razors.

You will be able to get them honed to an edge, and you will be able to shave well with them, but for the price, you pay you can probably find a better option.

Not “Shave Ready”

You are going to need to stop anyway. Very few razors come “shave ready” (sharp enough to shave out of the box) and those that do are often lacking in quality (hence the need for manufacturers to find a selling point).

It’s not actually a negative that blades don’t come to shave ready, as even the top manufacturers recommend you take the time to strop them and “grow” with the blade.

However, if you do buy a Fromm, you should know that

My Overall Verdict

Fromm does make a good entry-level blade or a good spare. It lets you test the waters with straight razor shaving before you commit to buying something more impressive

If you were to shave with something cheaper, you’d only end up damaging your skin, so Fromm makes a great tester.

Would I recommend a Fromm? Yes, but I’d also like you to know there are better blades out there.

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