Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky

Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky

Putting your best face forward helps you stride confidently into each day, but when you have a mustache it’s a little extra work to get your facial hair up to par with the rest of you. While this preening might seem a little daunting, there are plenty of styling waxes on the market to keep you looking polished. Firehouse Mustache Wax does just that, especially if your facial hair is on the thicker side.

This might be just the product you need, but keep a few things in mind before you make your decision.

Firehouse makes the all its wax by hand, and it’s tested in Mississippi. The owner of the company, John Pitts, started making the wax for himself when his favorite company went out of business. He could not find an alternative because of the hot conditions in Mississippi, so he decided to make the product by himself. As a former firefighter, John named his new business after his profession.

Firehouse Wax Features

  • Comes in three different strengths and colors: light, dark, and Wacky Tacky
  • Much more wax-like than other brands, not creamy or pasty
  • All-natural ingredients, nothing synthetic
  • Extra-strong hold for thicker hair
  • Mid-range pricing for higher-quality, small-batch production
  • No added fragrance


One of the most convenient things about this wax is that it comes in three different colors to suit different shades of hair. The light and dark shades both offer medium-to strong hold, and the Wacky Tacky is extremely strong, so you have some options when it comes to meeting your styling needs. If you’re starting to go grey, Firehouse waxes can help ease the transition by providing subtle color.

Firehouse waxes are also true wax. They’re not soft, so if you’re going for a more elaborate style or want to curl the ends of your mustache, this is a great product to keep your facial hair looking spiffy all day.

This also means that the waxes are effective at taming longer beards as well, so you don’t have to purchase a separate styling product just for your beard. With such a waxy texture, you also don’t need to use much to get your desired effect, and the container will last months because a pea-sized chunk is all you really need to apply.

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Like all great things, this product also has its disadvantages that prevent it from being perfect. For one thing, the wax is not in cream or paste form, and it can be difficult to use and also to remove from its container. You need to make sure that the wax is above room temperature before you use it, so you need to heat it with a hairdryer to loosen it up. You can also warm it in your pocket. Because of its thickness, it’s also not suitable for very fine or thin facial hair as it runs the risk of clumping up.

This wax is very strong, but it can also lose its hold if you’re outdoors in a warm climate. This necessitates reapplication several times throughout the day. You also can’t apply this easily with your fingers; you’ll need to carry a comb with you for touch-ups.

Additionally, the Wacky Tacky blend has a stronger hold than the light and dark varieties, but it’s also a very dark brown. This natural coloring can stain your mustache, and you’ll have to wash it out completely to get rid of the darker hue.

How Does Firehouse Measure Up?

Overall, Firehouse waxes earn points for their super strong holding capabilities. While the light and dark offer 8/10 in strength, the Wacky Tacky is a 10/10 and an ideal choice when you need extreme hold; it’s one of the strongest waxes on the market. This brand also rates highly when it comes to scent; you’ll smell your mustache all day, and you don’t want to catch a whiff of something too cloying or strong when you do.

Fortunately, Firehouse products have no added fragrances. They’re completely natural with very light residual scents from the oils mixed in with the beeswax. If you’re in the market for a very stiff hold and don’t mind warming your wax each day, you’ll be satisfied with Firehouse.

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Before you run out and order all the Firehouse products you can get your hands on, you want to consider other similar products available. In terms of holding strength, Bounder Extra-Firm Mustache Wax and Dr. Dittmar Pour Mustache wax are quite similar, and present some added options.

Both are scented, so if you prefer something rich and masculine, Bounder’s rum smell and Dr. Dittmar’s vanilla add an extra touch of luxury. Dr. Dittmar’s wax is also available in a tube for easier application, and one order of Bounder’s wax comes with three small containers so you can stash them wherever you need. Dr. Dittmar dries to the hardest consistency of the three, so it might be too hard even on some denser beards.

If you’re searching for a basic product that does its job without much fanfare, stick with Firehouse products. For scent and varied application, Bounder delivers.


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