Although straight razor shaving requires some amount of practice compared to the modern safe shave razors, once you get the hang of straight razors, you won’t want to go back. This feather straight razor review will give you an insight into the advantages and disadvantages a feather straight razor has over the modern safe shave razors.

The tradition of men shaving their facial hair dates back thousands of years and in 3000 B.C., men applied proper shaving techniques by using sharpened seashells to rid themselves of the overgrown facial hair. As mankind progressed into the field of metalwork and invented copper alloys, well-developed razors appeared in the markets of Asia.

Since then in the later centuries, shaving techniques and shaving technologies have improved greatly and since the late ’80s, quality straight razors have become part of every household. The Gillette safety razor was created to provide the U.S. Troops during the First World War a quick means to shave on the road, but as men continued to use them their popularity made it commercial.

Although the modern cartridge razors have been a pioneer in shaving for more than a decade, the traditional straight razor has been kept quite popular by enthusiasts who feel that the classic way of shaving is much better.

Electric shavers have become much more common as they provide an easy and quick shave with very little skill involved, whereas straight razors (you must have seen one with your dad or grandpa) provide a finer close shave.

It is one of the main reasons that barbershops continue to use straight razors and hence men prefer going there to have a shave as you can just sit back and relax.

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What Is A Feather Straight Razor?


One of the most sought-after straight razors is the Feather, made in Japan by Jatai which is among the biggest names in modern top-quality shaving razors. These have been adopted by the modern straight razor enthusiast as it provides the clean and close shave they desire with none of the other complicated maintenance requirements.

Feather Straight Razors have been regarded as the sharpest razor blades available to give you the closest shave possible. Men who prefer to get a superior-close shave experience on an everyday basis fall in love with the feather straight razor.

It is a hybrid between the traditional metal blade straight razor and a disposable cartridge razor.

The feather straight razor has the shape and form of a straight razor which embeds a disposable sharp razor blade. The feather straight razors do not require honing and stropping, which makes them easy to maintain and the replaceable blades make them convenient to carry when you travel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Feather Straight Razor

Feather Artist Club Wood DX Folding Handle Razor

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1. You save a lot of money

With disposable cartridges that cost about 15$ a pack, you utilize at least 5-6 packs a year. In just 3 years, this would add up to much more than what a good feather straight razor would cost you.

The feather straight razor will last you a lifetime, and even more than that for you future sons to use if maintained properly, all you need to replace is the blades which are available for both, experienced (Artist Club Professional Blades) shavers as well the inexperienced(Artist Club ProGuard Blades) users.

Think about how much you would save on all those expensive gels and aerosol creams you spend on each year.

2. Significant Waste Reduction

Think about all the non-recyclable waste razor blade cartridges that you throw out every year and all those cans of shaving foam or tubes of shaving gel that add up to the trash. With a feather razor blade, you will never need to throw it away unless you break it (which is highly unlikely due to its strong build).

With one William’s mug soap to last you for a long time (which also comes in biodegradable cardboard packaging), you are helping the environment as you shave.

3. Amazing Close Shave Experience

If you like to get a shave at the local barbershop once in a while to just sit back and enjoy a wonderfully close shave, feather straight shave is just for you. But going to the barber’s every day can be inconvenient and costly too. If you want to experience the close clean shave that the safe shave razors can’t deliver, then a feather straight razor is well worth the effort.

4. Jatai Brand Quality

Japanese products are known for their superior make and unprecedented quality, and that is what Jatai’s feather straight razors are all about. The blades are specially engineered to last longer and give the same close clean shave experience every time with 21st-century spring-mounted head and premium chrome-plated blades.

The craftsmanship on the feather straight razors makes it much easier for new learners to get a hang of straight shaving.


1. Requires Time

Getting that premium close shave experience requires time, and a lot of it is you are new to the scene of straight shaving. Shaving takes much more time compared to cartridge razors as you have to shave, later, again shave and re-lather and then shave once again to get the smooth surface uniformly across the face.

As you may start with about an hour to straight shave as you begin, the time will decrease considerably as you get good at it and some men are able to shave with a straight razor in as less as 5 minutes, which compares well with the cartridge razors.

2. Requires Experience

Not all of us grow up with our fathers teaching us how to straight shave, so learning takes time and patience. The first few times you may end up with patchy untidy shaves as you don’t really understand what you are doing.

But with time, you will start to understand the right angles and the techniques to master the art of shaving with feather straight razors.

Judgement Time

This feather straight razor review helps understand what feather straight razors have over the commonly used cartridge razors and how can use them to get that close shave that you wish for. If you are one of those men who know the value of a sharp look and want to invest their time in mastering this unique and traditional shaving technique, it is a great opportunity to start with a feather straight razor.

As expert advice for straight razor starters, let your beard grow out enough to start practicing with the feather straight razor so that you don’t end up with cuts and bruises as you start.

Always keep cartridge razors handy for when you can’t afford to spend a lot of time shaving with a straight razor yet need a quick shave.

Although it may seem too much trouble learning this classy style of shaving, it gradually pays off as clean and close refreshing shaves and looks incredibly cool too.

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