Although it’s been used for centuries in Asia, facial shaving has just caught on in the Western world. Many models are extolling the numerous benefits of adding a facial shave to their beauty routine. Not only does facial shaving help with applying makeup, but some women also say it helps them exfoliate their skin. On top of that, this routine makes them feel “clean and fresh” like just getting out of a spa.

If you want to try out this new beauty routine for yourself, then you need to find a high-quality facial hair shaver for women. In the list below, you’ll find a few of the best facial shavers – both electric and manual – on the market. Note, this list has been arranged from the least to the most expensive.

Editor’s Pick: Facial Hair Shavers for Women

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1. ReNext Facial Razor Value Set

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We’ll start our list with the ReNext facial hair shaver for women. Each of the ReNext razors measures 6.5 inches tall and comes in three variations of pink. These disposable razors are usually sold in packs of three.

One nice feature is the slight ergonomic curve on each of these razors that helps you get a better grip as you’re shaving off your peach fuzz. The Tokyo-based company Ft Shiseido manufactures all of these razors from their headquarters in Tokyo.

Probably the best thing about the ReNext Facial Razor Value Set is…well, it’s a great value! You can pick up six of these disposable razors for around $2.88. Out of 350 online reviews, the ReNext facial hair shaver for women has an average score of four stars.

2. Gabriella Women’s Eyebrows & Facial Razor

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Next on our list is the Women’s Eyebrows & Facial Razor put out by Gabriella. As the name suggests, these disposable razors were designed to be used on the face, eyebrows, and even for trimming nose hairs.

These razors measure about 6 inches tall and come with three handle color designs: yellow, light blue, and pink. All of these razors and blades were made in China.

There are now about 360 reviews of the Gabriella razors online, and they have an average score of 3.5 stars. Most Gabriella 3-piece sets cost around $3.64 and 9-piece sets average $7.

3. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

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Out of all the disposable razors on this list, Tinkle’s facial hair shaver for women is one of the best-reviewed. There are over 1,000 customer reviews singing Tinkle’s blades praises online with a near-perfect score of 4.5 stars. That score has earned Tinkle’s facial hair shaver the title of an official “Amazon’s Choice” product.

Probably the number one reason the Tinkle facial hair shaver for women has earned such high praise is that it comes coated with a protective layer of stainless steel on the blades. This makes it very easy to use these blades even for people with sensitive skin. Officially called the Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, these disposable facial razors retail for $5 per one 3-piece set in most online retailers.

4. FT Shiseido Facial Razor – Plus Original Oil Blotting Paper Maiko

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Anyone looking for a more luxurious disposable facial razor should look up FT Shiseido’s premium Facial Remover razors. These razors resemble the style of FT Shishedo’s more affordable blades. However, they have a piece of blotting paper included in each packet.

The blotting paper is intended to help your skin recover from minor razor burn after a shaving session. This blotting paper is a great addition to anyone who has sensitive skin. One 3-pack of these disposable razors will cost around $14.50. Out of 88 online reviews, FT Shisedio’s more expensive blades have an average score of 4.5 stars.

5. Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

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Panasonic’s ES2113PC is the first electric facial hair shaver for women on our list. One of the nicest features about the ES2113PC is that the shaving head pivots 10 degrees to the right and left. This helps tremendously with comfortably contouring your face.

The ES2113PC uses one non-rechargeable AA-size battery for power. This trimmer only measures 1 x 1 x 7 inches and weighs 0.64 ounces. In addition to the regular facial trimming head, Panasonic has included two convenient eyebrow trimmer comb attachments.

Amazingly, almost 3,000 customers have written reviews about the Panasonic ES2113PC online. So far, the average score for Panasonic’s facial hair trimmer is 4 stars. You can purchase this electric trimmer for about $15.

6. Laxcare Painless Flawless Hair Remover

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Another affordable electric facial hair shaver for women is Laxcare’s Painless Flawless Hair Remover. Some key features of this hair remover are that it’s waterproof, made out of ABS, and has a stainless steel blade. As for this product’s size, the Laxcare Hair Remover measures 1.2 x 1 x 4.4 inches and weighs 5.8 ounces.

One useful thing about Laxcare’s Hair Remover is that it has an LED light on the top. This feature helps you spot peach fuzz as you’re shaving your face. Laxcare’s Hair Remover is powered by one non-rechargeable AA battery.

About 330 reviewers have given this electric razor an average score of 4.5 stars. As a result, the product made it an “Amazon Choice” product. You can give one of these shavers a try for $17.

7. Gillette Venus Face Perfection Women’s Hair Remover

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It turns out Gillette isn’t just the “best a man can get” anymore. That’s right, Gillette has its own Gillette Venus Face Perfection Hair Remover for women only. Gillette’s luxurious hair remover, which is a part of its Venus line, has 10 micro-openings on the top that help cut your finest hairs with minimal irritation.

Gillette claims one session with their razor will give you four weeks of salon-quality skin. The dimensions of this sleek white shaver are 2.2 x 4.4 x 8 inches, and it weighs 4.8 ounces.

Out of about 33 reviews, the Gillette Face Perfection Hair Remover has an average score of three stars. You will have to pay a bit extra, however, to experience Gillette’s facial hair razor for yourself. One Gillette Face Perfection Hair Remover will cost you $30.

Final Word

More and more women are experimenting with facial shaving and loving it. Now it’s your turn to try out this ancient beauty technique for yourself.

Hopefully, this list has helped you on your quest for the perfect facial shaver to fit your daily routine. Whether you want a convenient electric shaver or more affordable disposable razors, you should’ve spotted something on this list to fit your needs.

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