two packages of Face skin care shave cream

Bristle and burns are the bane of the shaver. A razor’s edge scrapes off the delicate skin as it shaves off the unwanted hair. Both men and women search for a soothing sensation to take the edge off the skin irritation caused by shaving. The Face Skin Care Shave Cream eases the burn, while it soothes and moisturizes the skin.

two packages of Face skin care shave cream

The Skinny on Face Skin Care Shave Cream

Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream is a second product line from the company Face Skin Care. It replaces the original Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream, with some minor improvements. Face Skin Care products are made in the United States. They do not use animals in their product testing. So, the ecologically minded are comforted that no animal suffered to produce this item.

Designers realized that people, especially men, wanted to feel that old barbershop sensation of a lathered cream when they shaved. Logically women also have a desire to produce a smooth shaving experience that doesn’t light their legs on fire. Face Skin Care Shave Cream gives men the luxurious feel of a smooth, straight razor shave and women the cooling comfort of a moisturizing cream.


Face Skin Care Shave Creams removes all or reduces preservatives necessary in their shave cream to a minimum. The idea is to eliminate every type of beauty product additive possible, which might cause irritation or create discomfort for the user. They use purified water as the base for the rest of the product ingredients.

The various flower extracts, shea oil, and aloe improve the lather while placing a protective layer between your skin and the razor’s edge. The Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream has no scent and is a paraben-free cream, so there is no unpleasant aroma. Face Skin Care blends the highest all-natural products and materials to produce a skin-soothing rich cream.

Five essential flower extracts enhance the creaminess and soothing qualities of the shaving experience. Calendula, Roman Chamomile, Cornflower, Linden and Eucalyptus leaf oil are blended into a creamy lather that places a protective layer against razor burn.

Why It Works

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The Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream by Face Skin Care has developed a creamy shave experience to rival the old-fashioned barbershop lather. The perfect blend of natural ingredients, and especially the elimination alcohol, Benzocaine and other preservatives removes the risk of allergic skin irritations. There is nothing else on the market that can match these unique qualities.

#1. Lower Irritation Risk

It not only lubricates better than normal shave products, but it also reduces the risk of the irritating side effects of shaving, especially razor burn. By using Lidocaine to replace Benzocaine, the Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream numbs the skin at the surface to remove the rough sensation of shaving. Since the skin is so perfectly lubricated, the side effects of shaving are all but erased for both men and women.

#2. Improved Shaving Experience

A common reason for an uncomfortable shave, or red, irritated skin after the shave, is blamed on a bad razor. However, the number one cause of skin problems from shaving is an inferior shave lubricant. Each of the flower extracts and natural oils in the Face Skin Care Shave Cream improve the immediate shaving experience. The skin absorbs these ingredients. Moreover, they make it smooth and pliable after shaving.

#3. Higher Lubrication

When shaving with the Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream, each stroke smoothens the shaving process. So, the risk of having an after-shave irritation will be lower. Most of the time it is so dramatically reduced, within a few seconds, you don’t even realize you have just raked a razor across your skin to remove unwanted hair.

Other Benefits that Differentiate Face Skin Care Shave Cream from Other Brands

Some people mistakenly think that they can achieve the same benefits from a squirt or two from a can of aerosol shaving cream. Beyond the problem with all the unnatural additives necessary to produce the foaming aerosol effect, give an aerosol shave cream the overnight test.

Actually, in just a couple of hours, you will notice a small mound of aerosol shave cream has dissipated down to nothing but a meager mass of slimy residue. That is, actually, what you are putting on your face. The aerosol phenomenon that foams up the cream is necessary to get it out of the can.

Therefore, half the can is nothing but useless fluff. That’s not the case with a tube or jar of Face Skin Care Shave Cream. Another mistaken reason for shaving irritation is that most of the ingredients that produce a foamy like lather to spread are made up of products that inherently irritate your skin. The product doesn’t offer a good layer of protection, plus squirts out byproducts that make you feel you like you just shaved with something as dull as a butter knife.

Every ingredient that you put on your fingers and lather on before shaving has a definitive purpose in why it works. You will efficiently use every creamy layer that you remove from the package and apply to the area you’re about to shave.


Face Skin Care Shave Cream logo

The way that Face Skin Care packages the Ultimate Shaving Cream is another thing that makes it so appealing. Have you ever left a product contained in a standard aerosol can on a counter or the bathtub edge where moisture exists?

More than likely if you have, you understand the aggravating feeling when you see a rust ring on your counter top. This will not happen with the plastic tube or jars used to package this shave cream.

The Face Skin Care tube packaging is great for men or women, but especially useful for men who may only need a small amount to shave their face. You can easily squeeze out just a dab, or a little quarter-sized amount in the palm of your hand.

Women are fond of the jar container since they can sit it on the edge of a bathtub and take little amounts as the shave. Women don’t have to squirt out a whole blob of shaving cream, enough to cover an entire leg.

What’s inside the Ultimate Shaving Cream package is what really counts. However, this brand provides two types of packages offered make it easier to use and ultimately both are made of recyclable materials. Aerosol cans are one of the most inconvenient containers as they are toxic to the environment and most are not reusable packaging.

Let’s Recap

A number of the shave cream products on the market are okay. Still, they attempt to provide a soothing creamy shave experience by using things that actually irritate the process. The Face Skin Care Ultimate Shave Cream is the ultimate shave experience and consistently reviewed as a preferred shaving product.

You can order Face Skin Care products online and have them handed to you at your front door. Now is the time to leave the old drugstore shaving products on the shelf, stepping up to the ultimate soothing shave experience. Once you try the Ultimate Shave Cream, you’ll never want to leave that barbershop smooth shave sensation behind.

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