Electric Razor Brands

In the area of men’s cleanliness, it can be tricky to choose from the various different electric brands and discover the best-rated electric razors between all the attractive and varied products at large. We all know that getting the best electric shaver that suits your particular skin type, personal preferences and facial hair is not simple. Here is a list of the electric razor brands.

1.Panasonic ES-LA93 Arc 4 shaver

This type of shaver is considerably cheaper than top-tier, this brand offers similar motor, but it has four cutting blades. However, we may not call this Rolls Royce type, but it is absolutely a luxury shaver type. This ES-LA93K is electrical quadruple-bladed shaver has an extra fast 14,000 CPM motor which delivers a rapid, competent and close shave, without irritation or hair pulling .Getting a dirt free, close shave with the device is an effortless procedure that any person is sure to take pleasure in. It comes with classy Slit Foil technology that allows it catch longer hair and cut into short one equal mode with short ones.

2.Braun 3 Series 380S Budget Foil Shaver

The electric shaver is destined for individuals who need a great shave at a good budget. The Braun Series shaver can provide close shave with making you pay less money. It highly well organized tool offers both wet and dry shaving functionality at reasonably priced cost. If you would like to have premium shaving skills without paying the top dollars, this is totally the best shavers you can have.

3.Braun Series 7 799cc shaver

This is a wonderful electric German brand, Braun. The Series 790-cc is one of the most superior electric shavers of Braun products .It offers the most improved shaving technology in entire catalog. German engineering business is very fine, Braun constantly delivers excellent electric shavers to the marketplace, and Braun Series 799cc is the top product.

It features flexible pivoting head that allows maximum adaptation to any contours in your face. It also has three separate shaving types that are available with the device: normal mode, Intensive shaving for those heavily bearded persons, and extra sensitive mode that appeal to many people. The electric shaver features helpful technologies such as Active Lift systems and Braun’s proprietary Opt foil. This premium electric shaver deserves the reputation that it has gotten from the citizens who use it.

4.Philips Norelco 1250X Sensor-Touch 3D shaver

It is one of the very best electric shavers. If you do not like foil shavers, then this one should be your one of your choice. It is comfortable and it can offer a closer shave than almost any other can. It absolutely deserves its place as a very best electric shaver. Primarily among its strong point, a comfort nature allows the users to achieve this. The electric shaver varies from the foil razors in that its pressure distribution about the face is mainly equalized, which avoids unwanted inflammation and irritation when shaving.