Dovo straight razors are possibly the most highly regarded in the industry for a reason.

Not only are their blades produced to the highest quality whether stainless or carbon steel, they are also produced in large enough quantities to guarantee that Dovo is easily the world’s largest manufacturer.

If you are looking for a straight razor, no matter if it is your first purchase or not, you won’t go wrong with a Dovo. This brief Dovo straight razor review should help you understand why.

They have great starter kits for beginners to consider, and their “masters” blade will let even the most experienced shaver add finesse to their shaving past-time.

Dovo Straight Razor Review

What Makes Dovo So Special?

It’s not just the Solingen steel, but the whole craftsmanship that combines together here. Given how specialized an art it is to produce a straight razor, the amount that they produce is breathtaking.

They are even getting better at factory sharpening their blades, which means in a few years’ time you might not even need to get them honed before shaving.

Everybody who owns more than one razor has at least one Dovo. They are considered the “mainstay” of the razor world, dependable and reliable, and easy to maintain.

Buying a Dovo Online.

There are over 50 different designs available from Dovo right now, ranging from straight razors to shavettes to safety razors. I’m only interested in straight razors these days, and I’ve showcased some of the best Davos right here at Luxury Shaves.


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