Disposable Straight Razor Which Is Best for You

The disposable straight razor, more commonly known as a shavette, is like an ordinary straight razor in many ways. The key difference is that it has a replaceable blade, but the rest of the razor is not. Normal straight razors have permanent blades that you can’t replace.

A disposable straight razor is perfect for you if you like the functionality of a single-blade razor but are looking to streamline your shaving routine. This includes eliminating maintenance. You’ll be happy to know that the disposable razor has all the advantages of a straight razor, and then some, with an initial investment. Some may think it is a bit pricey at first, but it gives you a razor that you can use continuously and then replace the razor blades when they dull.

Benefits and Disadvantages of the Disposable Straight Razor

The primary benefit of straight razors is that they give an extremely close shave, one that’s closer than any other type of razor. Also, they don’t produce as much waste as multi-blade razors. It is a breeze to keep this type of razor clean because you only have to maintain one blade.

They do not cause irritation like multi-blade razors, and they also don’t cut the hair beneath your skin. Essentially, this allows you to avoid ingrown hairs. While single-blade disposable razors are very effective overall at giving you a great shave, not all on the market are created equally. Getting to know your options can help you make the right choice.

One disadvantage of a straight razor is that, because the blade is permanent, it is bound to lose its sharpness. This means that you have to sharpen and moisturize the blade from time to time. In contrast to this, a disposable straight razor only requires you to add new razor blades when the old one dulls.

Our Top Disposable Straight Razor Pick: Parker SR1

Out of all the straight razors on this page, our favorite is the Parker SR1. It provides a very close shave, is high quality, will last a lifetime, and is excellent for beginners. It’s a truly 5-star blade.

1. Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor

Parker Men’s SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor with 5 Parker...

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This product consists of stainless steel to ensure durability, and it won’t rust if you forget to dry it off periodically. This razor also has a snap and lock feature to keep the blade contained when you’re not using it.


This disposable straight razor is cheaper than its competitors, and it still provides a nice, close shave. It also has an appealing vintage styling to it, if you want to go for the old-school straight razors and shaving brushes look. Also, you can add a variety of different blades to it if you don’t like the one it comes with.


Because this blade has a style that looks like something you’d see in an old-timey barbershop, it can be harder to maneuver than one that looks like a modern razor. Therefore, you have to practice to get familiar with this tool and learn to use it properly. If you’re not experienced with single-blade razors, it’s easy to injure yourself with one because it’s smaller and the blade doesn’t stick out as far.

However, if you’re looking for a great razor to learn with, the price is definitely right on the Parker model. It’s also very light, so if you’re looking for something with a little heft to it, you might want to skip this one.

2. Dovo Shavette Straight Razor with Steel Handle

DOVO Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor Set

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Dovo’s Shavette is German-engineered and consists of steel to ensure it remains rust-free. It holds long and short blades, and the handle has a great balance. This makes it easy to grip and maneuver in your hands, which leads to a close and even shave.


The razor comes at an affordable price, but it is more expensive than the Parker model. However, it has a nice balance, and you can use almost any blade with it. The handle itself is a little sharp, but in this case, that’s a good thing because it’s easier to grip.


This handle does not come with a set of razor blades to use at first. In fact, it requires the customer to select proper blades, which may be intimidating if you’re new to shavers.

Overall, the Dovo Shavette is one of the most durable entry-level disposable straight razor brands. Buyers report that it’s important to learn the right shaving angle with this product. It requires a steeper angle than most others, so you need to be careful. Even if you’re experienced with this type of razor, there still may be a learning curve.

Try this one if you want a cheaper setup but want higher quality than you get with the Parker.

3. Feather Artist Club Soft Grip DX Straight Razor

Feather Artist Club Soft Grip DX Straight Razor

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This beautiful razor consists of stainless steel, just like many of the other brands available. Also, it has a heat-resistant gum handle. It comes with four different blade types, which helps this model to suit all textures of facial hair.


The razor has a perfect balance, and it feels great in your hand. There’s a good weight to it that’ll help you feel confident it won’t slip when you’re shaving. The feather-thin razor blades ensure a truly close shave.


Overall, however, this is an ideal choice.

There aren’t many disadvantages to this disposable straight razor, aside from the cost. You will spend a great deal more on this product than the other brands we have listed. However, this razor is one of the top disposable single-blade products available on the market. You are sure to value how well it shaves if you’ve had plenty of practice with this type of razor. The cost may be prohibitive for some customers, so you may want to learn the ropes with something cheaper at first.

4. Utopia Care Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Utopia Care Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor Safety with...

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This classic razor comes with 100 ultra-sharp Derby razor blades and consists of stainless steel. It’s sleek and portable at a very low price point. This makes it one of the best disposable straight razor models for beginners. Its cheap price allows you to see if straight razors with a replaceable blade are right for you.


This razor is extremely economical and the cheapest of those reviewed, and that includes both the handle and blades. It’s surprisingly durable and balanced for such a small tool.


The blades that come with it are extremely sharp, so you need to be careful. Loading blades can be a bit hard because the holes on the handle are not aligned perfectly. This means that you must be sure the blade is tight before each use. Generally, this is a good product and the price is right.

It makes a great travel razor and works well if you’re familiar with using this razor style. The blades are sharp but lose this quality quickly, so you may want to invest in a better package of blades. In fact, the replaceable blade from the Shark company is a great choice. However, if you’re looking for quality or something to learn on for a low price, you may be better off choosing the Parker model over this one.

Which Model Should You Choose?

A good disposable straight razor should have the right balance and a bit of weight to it. If a razor has a good weight, then you don’t have to apply much pressure as you shave. Using less pressure saves you from cutting yourself, and it should give you a close shave. It should be easy to put the razor blades in, and the razor as a whole should be durable. I mean, ideally, you only want the blades to be disposable, not the whole razor.

If you can afford it, the best straight razor to buy is the Feather DX Japanese straight handle razor. It is durable and offers minimal chances of cutting yourself. It has almost no drawbacks aside from the price, and the rubber handle is great for beginners. If you invest in shaving brushes, you can have an old-school shave that you will love.

If you’re in the market for a decent, cheap straight razor, go with the Dovo Shavette straight razor or the Parker SR1 stainless steel straight-edge razor, as well as five Shark super stainless blades. These are similar in quality and in weight, but the Dovo model is a bit more durable.

Ditch Plain Disposable Razors for the Best Disposable Straight Razor Models

If you want to try old-timey straight razors and shaving brushes but don’t want to maintain them, give a disposable straight razor a shot. Or perhaps you are sick of the cheap disposable razors that give a sub-par shaving experience. No matter your reasoning for wanting to try a disposable straight razor, you are sure to find the best brand for your needs. Disposable straight razors give you the close shave of a traditional straight razor, but it offers more convenience with its replaceable blades.

Do you have a favorite disposable straight razor brand? Tell us about it in the comments!

Our Verdict

Out of all the straight razors on this page, our favorite is the Parker SR1. It provides a very close shave, is high quality, will last a lifetime, and is excellent for beginners. It’s a truly 5-star blade.

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  1. You should have included the Dovo long blade. That blade comes with the purchase of the Shavette, and is by far the smoothest cutting blade I have found among the disposable blade straight razors. And compared with the half blade DE sizes, it lasts a lot longer. Your coverage of the Dovo Shavette was far from complete. Why do you urge readers to purchase from Amazon? There are other smaller shops that sell for less and offer much better customer service.

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