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Unless you’re using an electric razor, which won’t give you as good a shave as the other options out there, you need a shave cream. Sure, you can shave without it, but you risk not getting as close a shave. You’re also more likely to get rashes and irritation when you avoid shaving cream.

When it comes to the myriad of shaving cream options on the market these days, one of your best choices is Cremo shave cream. Yes, you can make your own, buy stuff from people that make stuff with natural ingredients in their kitchens, and there are many brand names on the shaving shelves at the stores you shop at, but why not go with a name that makes it on the best lists online?

There are many reasons why you should use shaving cream and a few good reasons why Cremo is the brand to pick.

Why You Need Shave Cream

Shaving isn’t always a comfortable process, but using shaving cream can help make it less of a pain. You may even want to consider investing in shave oil if you have extra sensitive skin or you simply want a smoother shave. However, Cremo’s lathering shave is known to be a slick one, which means you probably won’t be needing that oil if you go with this brand name.

There is a difference between shaving creams, shaving gels, and shaving foam. Shaving gels can dry out your skin and foams my start to evaporate before you finish shaving. Creams tend to last longer and offer the most benefits for your face and your shaving needs.

Three important things shave cream will do for you:


The ingredients in your shave cream, especially those natural oils, help soften and moisturize your beard. When those wiry and stiff hairs get softened up, they shave off easier. Between the shave cream and nice hot steam, your follicles are open wide and ready to be whisked away,


The number one reason you should be using shaving cream is that it lubricates your skin. Not only does it soften your beard, but it gives you a nice slick and smooth surface for running your razor across. A slick palette keeps your blade from dragging, which is what causes razor burn and irritation.


Lastly; shaving cream leaves your freshly shaven face feeling smooth and soft. Yep, it softens your skin, not just your beard. It can also be soothing. Although, you may get a little extra soothing with after-shave products as well.

Now that you know all the reasons shaving cream is a must for a nice close shave that leaves your face feeling good, it’s time to learn why Cremo shave cream is the best choice to do the job.

Cremo Shave Cream

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Why Cremo Shave Is The Best Choice

Shaving cream

First, let’s look at the ingredients. Some of the ingredients in Cremo shave cream include water, macadamia seed oil,  lemon extract, calendula flower extract, papaya fruit extract, olive leaf extract, aloe juice, and sandalwood oil. This list is not even quite half the ingredients, but it gives you a good look at the natural extracts that make up this cream.

It’s good for your skin. It’s even good for the environment, in a way. If you want products that you can trust when it comes to your health and well-being, always pick things that contain natural ingredients.

Cremo offers more than one choice in their shave cream line. A couple of the best options are the Sandalwood Lathering Shave Cream and the Sandalwood Concentrated Shave Cream. Both offer a great scent, a lather you can brag about, and a slick canvas for easy shaving.

First, why sandalwood? Many people attribute sandalwood to a woodsy scent because sandalwood is wood. It has a light fragrance, so it isn’t overpowering. It’s comforting and relaxing.

Cremo’s lathering shave cream is specifically formulated to use with a shave brush. Shave brushes are a great invention that helps make your beard hairs stand up instead of matting them down as hand application does. It’s a rich lather that gives you the slick base you’d expect from Cremo.

The concentrated shave cream allows you to get your shave with less cream used. It is the slickest of the slick when it comes to all shave creams on the market (just ask the many reviewers that have said just this). Both leave your face feeling smooth and soft once your shave is complete.

Reviews are in, and most people that try Cremo shave cream come back for more. They find that it works just as described and they like the clean shave they get, with no irritation. Try it yourself, and you’ll be a believer too.

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