good straight razor brands

Good Straight Razor Brands

Only good straight razor brands should be given consideration. It might be tempting to look further down the price range, especially if you are going to be buying your first cut-throat razor....
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Country Uncle Straight Razor Review

The Country Uncle straight razor set is very reasonably priced and is a decent quality set. Learn more about it here

Giesen and Forsthoff Straight Razors Reviewed

Giesen and Forsthoff blades have exceptionally high quality and you would do well to research them more. They are also very attractive blades and handles.
Dubl Duck Straight Razor

Dubl Duck Straight Razor Review

Why the Dubl Duck straight razors are so highly sought-after, and where you can possibly get hold of one yourself.

Is A Kriegar Straight Razor Worth Buying?

This is my not-so-positive review of a Kriegar Straight Razor. Unfortunately it is not really deserving of the name "razor".