safety razors vs straight razors

Safety Razors vs Straight Razors

Which one better? Both of them are better than a silly modern cartridge razor, but which one is the best?

Best Rated Straight Razors – Don’t Get Cheap Blades

You don't want to bother with the cheap end razors and ruin your face do you? I didn't think so

How To Use A Cut Throat Razor

If you want to learn how to use a straight razor without it becoming a "cut throat" affair, read on!
best cut throat razors

The 10 Best Straight/Cut Throat Razors – Accept No Junk

Choosing the best cut throat razor is of the utmost importance. Don't choose a razor that is really going to end up cutting your throat. Poor quality leads to poor shaves!

Cut Throat Razors Still “Cut It”

Cut throat razors still deserve a place in every man (and woman)'s bathroom. Read more to find out why.