What Makes a Good Straight Razor_ The Ultimate Buying Guide

What Makes a Good Straight Razor? The Ultimate Buying Guide

Have you decided that maybe it’s time to say goodbye to that beard with you’ve been sporting for a while? Perhaps you used to be a hipster, but you’ve matured and realized...
Disposable Straight Razor Which Is Best for You

Best Disposable Straight Razor Reviews

The disposable straight razor, more commonly known as a shavette, is like an ordinary straight razor in many ways. The key difference is that it has a replaceable blade, but the rest...
good straight razor brands

Buy Straight Razors And Say Goodbye To Disposables

Buying a straight razor was the best thing I ever did, it could well become the best thing you ever do.
Black Widow Barber Straight Razor

Black Widow Straight Razor Review

The Black Widow Straight Razor is everything that you need to get the job done. Although it's part of the executive collection, the price is affordable. That's a huge plus. With the...

Parker Straight Razor Review

Parker Straight Razor Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor is designed to give you a close shave with a high-quality razor for a low...