Dovo Shavette Review

The Dove Shavette is a straight razor. It is imported from Dove, Solingen, Germany. It is a sleek looking blade for the small price of $33.99. It is very lightweight unlike some other straight...

Boker Straight Razor Review

When it comes to using a straight razor, you're not just doing it for convenience. There's enjoyment in there, and there's also style and refinement. For a lot of us, a straight razor just...
Disposable Straight Razor Which Is Best for You

Disposable Straight Razor Models: Which Is Best for You?

The disposable straight razor, more commonly known as a shavette, is like an ordinary straight razor in many ways. The key difference is that it has a replaceable blade, but the rest of the...

Giesen and Forsthoff Straight Razors Reviewed

Giesen and Forsthoff blades have exceptionally high quality and you would do well to research them more. They are also very attractive blades and handles.

Are Fromm Straight Razors Worth It? You’ll Be Surprised..

I see a lot of newcomers attracted to Fromm straight razors. Are they really any good? If you want an honest review about how worthwhile a purchase they are, read on.