best cut throat razors

The 10 Best Straight/Cut Throat Razors – Accept No Junk

Choosing the best cut throat razor is of the utmost importance. Don't choose a razor that is really going to end up cutting your throat. Poor quality leads to poor shaves!
safety razors vs straight razors

Safety Razors vs Straight Razors

Which one better? Both of them are better than a silly modern cartridge razor, but which one is the best?

The Advantages Of A Straight Razor Shave

Why every man should shave with a straight razor. After reading this, you might not look at your current razor the same way again.

Dovo Shavette Review

The Dove Shavette is a straight razor. It is imported from Dove, Solingen, Germany. It is a sleek looking blade for the small price of $33.99. It is very lightweight unlike some other straight...
Disposable Straight Razor Which Is Best for You

Disposable Straight Razor Models: Which Is Best for You?

The disposable straight razor, more commonly known as a shavette, is like an ordinary straight razor in many ways. The key difference is that it has a replaceable blade, but the rest of the...