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Why and How to Use a Pre Shave Oil

Getting a nice, close shave requires that you shave as close to the skin as possible. But that presents the risk of developing ingrown hairs, razor burn, rashes or even nicks and cuts due...

Best Razor For Sensitive Skin

Many of us have a problem with sensitive skin. You can buy some of the best razors, and they will irritate your face. If you are like everyone else with this problem, you are...

Shaving Tips For Men – Learn How It Should Be Done

Shaving is one of those things that people tend to learn by trial and error. Those awkward first few shaves as a teenager are more about trying to avoid doing it wrong than learning...

Are Straight Razors Safe?

Straight razors are nothing to worry about if you take the time to learn how to use them, just like anything else perceived as dangerous.
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The Shave Ready Razor – Worth Buying?

It's very hard to find a "shave ready" razor that really lives up to expectations. Be very careful when choosing one online. Most of them are trash.