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3 Simple Tips on How to Get Rid of Shaving Bumps

Red, itchy or painful, and unsightly bumps after shaving can ruin even the closest of shaves. Try these three simple tips on how to get rid of shaving bumps. When shave bumps appear, one...

Are Straight Razors Safe?

Straight razors are nothing to worry about if you take the time to learn how to use them, just like anything else perceived as dangerous.
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7 Tips on How to Use Aftershave Properly Each Morning

Aftershave is a shaving staple for many different reasons. For starters, it can help improve your skin’s texture and appearance. In addition, it comes in a wide range of scents that both...

The Importance Of A Back-Up Razor

Do you just own the one razor? Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a second (or third)
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Everything You Need To Know About How To Shave Neck Beard

Beards are hands down one of the most masculine traits a man can possess. However, equally masculine is the ability to shave properly and be well kept. Neckbeards are one, in particular,...