Make Your Choice from Dollar Shave Club vs Harrys

Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry’s

Shave clubs like Dollar Shave Club vs Harrys seem to be the way to go these days. The truth is that buying your shaving supplies online is a way better deal than going to...
best shaving soap

Best Shaving Soap for Your Face

Over the years, men’s preferences for facial hair have changed, from full Old Testament-style beards, to elaborate Civil War-era sideburns and moustaches, to clean-shaven and back again. Through all those trends and styles, men...
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How to Shave with an Adjustable Safety Razor

The main advantage of using an adjustable safety razor is its versatility. No matter what your skin type and beard are, you can easily set the razor to choose the kind of shave you...

Cut Throat Razors Still “Cut It”

Cut throat razors still deserve a place in every man (and woman)'s bathroom. Read more to find out why.
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The Face Skin Care Shave Cream Review

Bristle and burns are the bane of the shaver. A razor's edge scrapes off the delicate skin as it shaves off the unwanted hair. Both men and women search for a soothing sensation to...