best double edge razor

What Is The Best Double Edge Razor? – A Huge Advancement

Way back when, there was the straight razor. It was a strip of thin, hardened steel, usually with a decorative handle, and it had to be sharpened frequently with a stone and then buffed...
How To Trim A Goatee

How To Trim A Goatee: Picking The Best Goatee Style For You

Over the years, facial hair trends have come and gone. In the 19th century, massive Civil War-style sideburns were considered manly and fashionable, as were bushy beards. In those days, the beard was actually...

The Best Razors For Men Are Not Gillette

Why "The best a man can get" really isn't the best a man can get.

How to Use After Shave Balm in a Classic Shaving Routine

Most men are familiar with the numerous liquid after shave products on the market today. Although liquid aftershaves are more popular, many modern dermatologists are recommending the use of an after shave balm. An...
a small adjustable safety razor

How to Shave with an Adjustable Safety Razor

The main advantage of using an adjustable safety razor is its versatility. No matter what your skin type and beard are, you can easily set the razor to choose the kind of shave you...