Man using shaving oil

What Makes A Good Shaving Oil? The Ultimate Buying Guide

Shaving oil isn't something all men use when they shave their faces. That being said, it should be something all men use when they shave their faces. A good shaving oil helps you get...
Cremo Shave Cream

Cremo Shave Cream – Comfortable Process

Unless you're using an electric razor, which won't give you as good a shave as the other options out there, you need a shave cream. Sure, you can shave without it, but you risk...

The Best Razors For Men Are Not Gillette

Why "The best a man can get" really isn't the best a man can get.
Shaving Kit

What Goes Into A Shaving Kit? – Bring A Shaving Kit With You

If you’re going to travel, you’re going to have to shave while you’re out on the road. Hotels and motels might be nice enough to provide complimentary toothpaste and soap, but you’re out of...

The Advantages Of A Straight Razor Shave

Why every man should shave with a straight razor. After reading this, you might not look at your current razor the same way again.