shave ready razor

The Shave Ready Razor – Worth Buying?

It's very hard to find a "shave ready" razor that really lives up to expectations. Be very careful when choosing one online. Most of them are trash.
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Manly Gifts For Men – What Could Be Better?

Can you think of many manly gifts manlier than these?
shaving gifts for men

Shaving Gifts For Men In 2013

Looking for shaving gift ideas for men? Try something new this time, and give them a gift that will last for life.
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Finding Vintage Straight Razors For Sale

When you are buying some vintage razors, you are most likely to be dealing with other people. Follow these tips to learn where to buy from, and what to look out for.

Cut Throat Razor Gift Set Buying

Choosing a cut throat razor set as a gift for somebody is a great decision. Make sure you choose the right set though, or the good intentions could be short lived.